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“Sophia, for me, has been a collage of experiences centered on the individual journey. Surrounded by an internations community of seekers, we share our individual stories while enlightening the mind, body and spirit. A strong focus is one our purpose on this earth and in the universe which helps me form a new consciousness.”
Tom Christoffer
Culture and Spirituality

Sabbatical Programs

A four-month Sophia Sabbatical, in either the Fall or Spring semester, offers an opportunity to use the resources and setting of the Sophia Center to find rest and rejuvenation. In the wooded serenity of the Oakland hills, with views of San Francisco Bay and the vast Pacific beyond, the Sophia Center offers both the stimulation of lively discourse and the reflection that brings clarity to your personal journey.

Over the years, many religious professionals, people in career transitions, and those seeking new context for their daily lives have found that four months at the Sophia Center brings renewal and new capacities to hear the voice of the Earth.

Students take 13 units of coursework and experience all the elements of the program. Students receive a credit/no credit grade in all courses and do
not write the major course paper. A Sabbatical Certificate is granted
upon completion.

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