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Academic life for all students at HNU is enriched by diverse personal experiences, the wide variety of topics you study, faculty guidance, course assignments and peer interaction. The quality and rigor of the programs are enhanced by superb faculty who will know you by name and will be available for individual consultation.

Academic Programs

Compelling Undergraduate Majors, exceptional faculty, and outstanding Graduate and Adult Programs in a highly diverse, personalized, and interactive setting — this is the HNU Educational Experience!

At Oakland's Holy Names University, you will prepare for life-long success by enhancing academic and professional skills such as:

  • Critical Thinking: the ability to reflect on, analyze, and interpret information and events.
  • Social Justice: a commitment to creating a more just and environmentally healthy world by challenging unjust structures and practices.
  • Leadership: a willingness to assume responsibility for initiating action based on knowledge and issues and for empowering others to act.
  • Cultural Competence: a commitment to continuous learning about human diversity and an ability to respond appropriately to individuals of different social and cultural groups.

To learn more about the HNU Experience and the benefits of being a HNU graduate, select the program that’s right for you:

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Alumni Speak
The best part about HNU is the people. I studied the history of Eastern Europe with a classmate that was actually from Croatia, and I learned about contemporary Central America from a professor who was born and raised in El Salvador. At HNU, you learn more about yourself, your community.
Tammy Dain, ‘09