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Holy Names University Accelerated to MBA Program


How Fast Can You Go?

This is what seeing beyond your horizons is all about. Ours is a program designed to move you through your undergraduate business major to an MBA in as few as five years for the first-year students and less for transfers.

  • You start with a strong and proven undergraduate business major
  • You choose a concentration in Business Communications, International Business, Business Management or Business Marketing
  • Holy Names faculty bring executive level experience to the classroom
  • You create networks with other business career students from the corporate world
  • You begin your MBA program within your undergraduate business major during your senior year by taking one MBA course per semester
  • Because you have accelerated your progress from an undergraduate degree in business directly to an MBA, you save time and tuition and are ready to jump into the work force and succeed ahead of the crowd. That's where HNU student's are most comfortable.
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