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Intercultural Peace and Justice
Karen Bauer ’94 and her husband live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she is an education advisor at the U.S. Embassy.  Through her work, Karen shares with international students the advantages of studying in the U.S.  “As small as HNU is, it had a global impact on my life and the perspective it provided opened up the world for me, from the Bay Area to Europe to the Middle East.”
Karen Bauer '94
Agnes Conrad

Bachelor's Degree in Intercultural Peace and Justice

Intercultural Peace and Justice Studies is a relatively new interdisciplinary field, with most programs having been established over the course of the past decade. The HNU program provides students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of the relationship between peace and justice, including the history of how various communities have understood and acted upon these ideas. Moreover, the HNU Intercultural Peace and Justice Studies program discusses models and techniques for overcoming injustice and fostering more peaceful relations, and provides experiential opportunities for students to use their classroom insights in a field placement.

This program is based primarily in two disciplines (Religious Studies and Sociology), though it does allow for student choice by drawing upon the social justice concerns found in a variety of courses across the curriculum. The major can thus be tailored to fit the specific desires of individual students in consultation with an advisor. To promote a balance between theory and praxis, reflection and engaged action, students participate in a one-semester travel experience or community service project directly focused on issues of peace and social justice. 

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