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Frequently Asked Questions - Degree Completion Program

Frequently Asked Questions

First Steps

Getting information and applying

  • How can I get information about the Adult Degree Completion Program (ABD) and download an application form? [ get details see more or less ]

    For adult degree completion programs the Holy Names University Web site provides information and an application form here »

    To apply online, visit this page »

  • When can I apply to the ABD program? [ get details see more or less ]

    We are a rolling admissions school and therefore do not have any deadlines. You should apply to the program as soon as you can; flexible formats are designed specifically for adults who are motivated to complete a university degree while continuing to meet work and/or family obligations. Students are admitted to the program in all terms at transfer levels.

  • What are the admission requirements? [ get details see more or less ]

    Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Reached the age of 24 by the start of the term for which they are applying.
    • Ideal candidates will have 50 or more transferable units although all students are encouraged to apply as multiple options for admission are available for students with less than 50 units.
    • Have at least three years of work experience. For adult students, recent achievements and the motivation to learn are frequently more reliable indicators of success in a degree program than are the records of high school or college classes taken a number of years previously. Students 24 years of age and older, or those who have been absent from academic studies for six or more years, who do not meet some of the general admission requirements, may be accepted on the basis of other considerations: the personal essay or resume, letter of recommendation (preferably from an employer or supervisor), and evidence of aptitude for college study.
  • What items do I need to include with my application? [ get details see more or less ]
    • Adult Bachelor Program Application
    • Personal Statement (1-4 pages in length)
    • A Letter of Recommendation from a past or current professor or supervisor
    • Resume
    • Official Transcripts of all college/University coursework completed previously
  • Where do I send my application materials? [ get details see more or less ]

    The required application materials should be sent directly to the university admissions office to:

    Holy Names University
    Office of Admissions
    3500 Mountain Boulevard,
    Oakland, California 94619-1699

    Telephone: 510-436-1351
    Fax: 510-436-1325

  • Do I need to send in all of my application materials at the same time? [ get details see more or less ]

    No, once you have sent in your application, the additional requested documents can be sent separately.

  • How is my application evaluated for acceptance into the ABD program? [ get details see more or less ]

    Applications and transcripts are reviewed by the assigned Admissions Counselor or Advisor to give you an unofficial look at your unit count for admission purposes. When your official transcripts come in, the registrar’s office reviews them to give you a final transfer evaluation on an official form which includes all course work you can transfer in plus your calculated GPA or Grade Point Summary. All application materials are considered.

  • How long will it take to find out if I have been accepted? [ get details see more or less ]

    Generally, you will hear about your acceptance within a month or sooner, after all documents have been submitted to the Admissions Office.

Next Steps

I am accepted at HNU, what do I do next?

  • When I have been accepted what should I do next and what can I expect? [ get details see more or less ]

    If you have been accepted:

    • You will receive a Letter of Acceptance. Please let your counselor know your intention to enroll as soon as you get accepted.
    • You will sign your intention to matriculate and send in the letter along with a tuition deposit in the amount of $100 which will be applied to your tuition once you register for classes.
    • You will be assigned an advisor who will take you to the next step of selecting and enrolling for classes.
  • What if I am accepted but cannot attend for the intended semester? [ get details see more or less ]

    If you intend to enroll you can delay your admission for up to one year with a letter stating your intent. Please send a letter or email to your counselor or admissions office notifying them of your intentions. If one year passes and you do not activate your application you will be asked to re-apply and may pay an additional application fee.

  • Who can I speak to about my plan of study and how will I know which classes to take? [ get details see more or less ]

    You can come in or make an appointment with your assigned advisor by calling him/her or emailing to the HNU email address. You can also speak to the adult program director, Nancy Flinn. Her email address is flinn@hnu.edu or call 510-436-1689 to set up an appointment.

    Upon acceptance, your file folder will be reviewed to determine transcript evaluation of previously completed courses and this information will go to your assigned advisor.

    A projected plan of study will be developed between you and your academic advisor. Each semester, you will connect with your advisor for approval of classes working towards your degree.

  • How can I find my advisor on campus? [ get details see more or less ]

    A campus map can be found on the website. Most adult program advisor offices are in the Heafey (F) Building.

  • What times are available to meet with my advisor? [ get details see more or less ]

    Your advisor will try to set up an appointment time convenient for you. You also can communicate by telephone or email if you cannot come in for an appointment, although a first “in person meeting” is more beneficial to set up a study plan.

  • Where can I find the most current Holy Names University catalog? [ get details see more or less ]

    The catalog and updates can be found on the website. It will include all class descriptions and valuable information on each degree program as well as all other essential academic information.

  • How many classes must I take from Holy Names University in order to graduate? [ get details see more or less ]

    All adult degree completion candidates must complete at least 120 semester hours (units) of college-level work with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (4.0=A), both cumulative and in the major. At least 48 of the total units must be in upper-division course work (courses numbered 100 or higher). To ensure that the degree reflects actual experience at HNU, students must complete at least 24 of the final 30 units on campus. At least 12 of these units must be in upper-division courses and at least 3 of these upper-division units must be in the major discipline.

  • Will any of my classes from another college or university be applied towards my studies? [ get details see more or less ]

    Yes, if the grade is at least a C- or better, from an accredited college or university program, most units will be applied and transferred in if they can be used towards general education requirements or as part of your degree program.

  • Can I take classes at another university after I am enrolled in the program? [ get details see more or less ]

    Yes, you can take classes at another accredited university. Upon completion of the classes you must have an official transcript, a copy of the class syllabus or a class description, with the posted final grades, sent to the Admissions office for evaluation. The grade must be a C- or better and a transfer credit form will be submitted for credit towards your program.

  • Where can I find out which classes are offered each semester? [ get details see more or less ]

    Prior to each semester, the Registrar’s office sends out notification that the class schedule can be found online. All classes can be viewed from the website. Be sure to look under ADULT UNDERGRADUATE SCHEDULES.

Enrolling for Classes

  • How do I sign up for classes in the adult program? [ get details see more or less ]

    Information on class registration can be found here: This is the updated link each term for class schedules, registration forms, calculation of tuition worksheet and withdrawal, add/drop change class forms. Online registration is available for current students with advisor approval. Newly admitted students must meet with their advisor and register via the paper registration forms. Registration forms can be found:

  • What is the procedure to register for classes? [ get details see more or less ]

    1. Review the available classes and your schedule with your advisor.

    2. Get advisor approval by the following options:

    • Advisor electronic online approval if you are eligible to register online
    • Advisor signature on registration form
    • Email message approval from your advisor or
    • Register online if you are eligible by entering the classes from a computer.

    3. Submit paper REGISTRATION FORM to the Student Resource Center in one of three ways:

    • Fax: 510-436-1199
    • E-mail as an attachment: studentresourcecenter@hnu.edu
    • Drop it off on campus at the Student Resource Center in the Hester Administration Building.

    Be sure to sign the registration form if you are using a paper form and keep a copy for your records each semester.

  • Who is eligible for Online Registration? [ get details see more or less ]

    You are eligible for on line registration through the Hawk’s Edge Student Portal for Fall and Spring classes is you are a current (not new) student, do not have a financial or academic hold, and register during the scheduled registration times.

    Online Registration Instructions or the link for the Online Registration Tutorial is on your Hawk’s Edge homepage. Either of these resources will give you click-by-click instructions to register for classes »

    If you miss the scheduled registration timeframe, you must submit a paper registration form and be charged a late registration fee.

  • Where can I find the calculation worksheet for my adult classes? [ get details see more or less ]
  • Why is it important to register early for my classes? [ get details see more or less ]

    It is very important to register during the scheduled registration time to ensure that the classes you select will not be cancelled due to low enrollment. Also, you will avoid the $100.00 late fee charged if you register after the date. In most cases you are billed close to the start of your class, so there is time for you to get your financial aid or payment plans in advance to your billing. This early registration allows the university to schedule classes that will fulfill students’ requirements.

Financial aid and paying for my classes


You are HERE:

  • I have spoken to my advisor and
  • I have registered for my classes
  • How does financial aid work for adults and when do I apply? [ get details see more or less ]
    • Students should apply for financial assistance as early as possible after January 1st for the coming academic year. Students who have applied for financial assistance will receive an official Financial Aid Award after formal admission to the University.
    • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the financial aid form used by Holy Names University. This form may be obtained from any college financial aid office, or high school, or on the web at www.fafsa.ed.gov. For priority consideration, the FAFSA should be submitted to the Central Processor (CPS) by March 2nd for the coming academic year.
    • Students selected for verification will be required to submit a copy of their Federal income tax return. For married students, the spouse's Federal tax return must also be submitted.
    • Students may also need to submit other documentation, such as childcare expenses, medical expenses, child support, citizenship, private school tuition, untaxed income and benefits, etc., if requested by the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office will review all information submitted and send a Financial Aid Award to all admitted students who complete the process. Students should carefully review the Award and accompanying information and return it to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline date on the Award.
  • Where can I find the HNU link for financial aid? [ get details see more or less ]
  • How much will my classes cost? [ get details see more or less ]

    All tuition and fee information is found at this site. Look under the category you are classified as, such as Adults Undergraduate. This is important as tuition and fees are different than they are for a traditional day time student. Be sure to check it each time you register.Also, be sure to use the tuition calculation form »

  • How do I pay my bill? [ get details see more or less ]

    The Student Accounts Office is responsible for billing tuition and fees, collecting payments, disbursing financial aid refund checks, invoicing employers, and setting up payment plans.

  • When do I need to pay? [ get details see more or less ]

    It is important to check when your payments are due, but you can use this guideline for fall and spring: Payments are due August and January. See website for specific dates. There is a $250 late fee for payments received after the deadlines.

  • What are my PAYMENT OPTIONS? [ get details see more or less ]
      If your employer has a reimbursement policy, you are required to complete and submit an HNU Employer Reimbursement Certification to the Student Accounts Office no later than the first day of classes for each term. Subtract the amount that your employer will pay to determine the amount that you will need to pay and then choose a payment option.
      If you calculated your tuition for fall and spring, divide the amount that you owe by two payments.
      For a $70 enrollment fee, you can spread your payments out over several months. Sign up early for the next available plan. For students entering in the fall term: Payment plans begin on the first of every month: July (10 payments), August (9 payments), September Payment Plan (link to information and application, deadlines).

Things you need as an HNU Student

  • Will there be an Orientation for new students, and is it mandatory? [ get details see more or less ]

    A student orientation occurs each semester for new students. This is a mantatory step where you will learn everything you will need to be successful at HNU. You will hear about the HNU processes, services, get your email account, learn about how to enroll for your next classes and find out about the library. It is also a time to begin to network, and meet faculty, staff, administrators and other students that will be in class with you. We treat you to a meal and welcome you to the HNU community.

    Our goal is for you to feel confident that you have made the right decision to come to HNU and to provide you with the tools and information you need to allow you to concentrate on your studies.

    You will receive a formal invitation but can find the registration link here at this Orientation page.

    The Orientation Program for Adult Degree Completion and Graduate Students is the Saturday before the start of the Fall and Spring semester. (9:00am - 2:00pm, tentative)

    Please visit the Orientation page it gets closer to Orientation for updates and schedules.

  • Where do I get my HNU Student ID? [ get details see more or less ]

    Student IDs may be obtained at the Student Resource Center located in the Hester Administration Building. Check the website for current office hours. Your ID is used throughout campus whenever you need to verify your student status.

    Contact Information
    Email: studentresourcecenter@hnu.edu
    Phone: (510) 436-1133
    Fax: (510) 436-1199
    Location: Hester Administration Building, Room 13

  • Where can I get my parking sticker and is there a charge to park at HNU? [ get details see more or less ]

    To obtain a parking sticker, submit the following form to the Office of Safety and Security. The form can be found here.

    A yearly permit for students is free for the first vehicle but you must renew it yearly. Instructions on where to display the permit and where you can park will be sent to you along with your permit.

  • Where can I get my HNU email and other HNU accounts I will need? [ get details see more or less ]

    E-mail addresses will be issued upon successful registration for course by an email that will come from HNU’s IT HELPDESK. It will state that your Hawk’s Edge, Holy Names University email, and Blackboard accounts have been created.

    A link to all of the above sites can be found on the Resources for Current Students page.

    Hawk’s Edge – Online access to your official registration information, official grades from Registrar, next term online registration. This User ID and password replaces any existing credentials you may have created during the online application process. Username: (all lowercase, no spaces or characters) Direct link to Login page: https://community.hnu.edu/NetCommunity/studentportal

    Windows Live ID - This is your student email address, and it is the primary email address the university will use for you. As well as email you have 25GB SkyDrive space, can create your own contacts in Address Book, chat with your contacts, and sync your email with mobile devices. To activate your Live@edu Email account go to the direct link to login page: http://www.outlook.com/my.hnu.edu.

    You would sign in with Windows live ID Username: (all lowercase with _ between first and last name) (firstname_lastname@my.hnu.edu) More information will be given to you at your Orientation.

    Blackboard - is an interactive site in which you can view course syllabi, assignments, and other material provided by your instructor. (NOTE: Fall classes will appear in August) Direct link to Login page: http://blackboard.hnu.edu. Instructions for signing into Blackboard may be found at: http://www.hnu.edu/academics/blackboardInstructions.html

    Please contact the Helpdesk@hnu.edu if you need assistance at any time or call 510-436-1611.

    NOTE: BECAUSE ALL COMMUNICATION WITH YOU WILL BE DONE THROUGH YOUR HOLY NAMES EMAIL ACCOUNT, PLEASE BE SURE TO USE IT AND CHECK IN WITH IT ON A REGULAR BASIS. Messages from faculty about your classes, billing information, financial aid notices, events, class cancelations will be sent to you here.

  • Can I link my personal account to my HNU account? [ get details see more or less ]

    Yes, in some cases, depending on which personal email service provider you use. You would need to check to see if and how you can link the two together.

  • Where and when can I buy books on campus? [ get details see more or less ]

    Books can be purchased at the College Campus Store a week prior to classes starting. See their website for more specific information on hours found here: http://www.holynames.bkstr.com.

    You can purchase textbooks at the book store or order online. Also, some books can be rented under a new program on campus to save you money, check with the bookstore for available titles.

  • Where can I find out about the library, open hours and services? [ get details see more or less ]

    Cushing Library is the place to go to study, do research for class, collaborate with classmates, view a video, listen to recordings, or relax between classes. The staff can help you identify the best sources of information and most effective methods to begin or to focus your search. For your convenience, many services and a wide variety of databases, electronic books, and other resources are available online.

    Hours of operation, library information: http://www.hnu.edu/cushingLibrary/index.html »

  • How can I find out about dining on campus? [ get details see more or less ]

    HNU has a number of places to have a meal or snack with a variety of menus available. Rosie's Cafe is located in Brennan Hall and serves an array or hot meals, sandwiches, pastries, and drinks. The HNU Public Market located next to McLean Chapel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vending machines are located on the first floor of Brennan Hall, Cushing Library, and Tobin Gym. There is also a microwave located near the vending machines in Brennan Hall. For more information visit this web site: http://www.hnu.edu/studentLife/involvement/campusDining.html

  • Is there a student handbook available? [ get details see more or less ]

    The student handbook, which contains information of policies, safety issues and a list of other items can be found here: http://www.hnu.edu/studentLife/studentHandbook.html

  • What support services on campus are provided to students? [ get details see more or less ]

    The Student Success Center is located in Brennan Hall and provides services for student success.

    The SSC is where you will find tutoring, career counseling, international student services, disability support services, student employment, and above all, help if you need it.

    Located in the South Wing of Brennan Hall, the SSC includes a wellness resource room, space for individual and group study, computers and a library of resources related to all of services.

    To make an appointment with the staff, please call the SSC front desk at 510-436-1580 or email studentsuccesscenter@hnu.edu.

    The link is: http://www.hnu.edu/studentLife/studentSuccessCenter.html for hours and information

  • How can I find a free tutor if I need one? [ get details see more or less ]

    Located in the Student Success Center, the tutoring center provides a variety of tutorial services, free of charge to HNU students, in a variety of subjects. These services include peer, faculty, one-on-one, group, and drop-in tutoring. The Student Success Center also provides Academic Course and Academic Skills workshops as well as scheduled workshops in time management, study skills, test taking hints as well as other toolboxes.

    To make an appointment for tutoring, use TutorTrac: http://www.hnu.edu/academics/advising-learning-resources/tutor-request.html

  • What services are provided by Career Services? [ get details see more or less ]

    At Career Services, the goal is to help students realize their career potential by providing them with the tools and resources they will need to make informed career decisions. A variety of services are offered which include one-on-one counseling, career assessments, assistance with job/internship search, resumeand cover letter critiques, interviewing prep, workshops, industry events.

    The link is here: http://www.hnu.edu/hnucareercenter. Career Services is excited to announce the new online job posting system HNU CareerLink!

    To make an appointment, please contact the Student Success Center at 510-436-1580.

  • What services does the Counseling Center Offer? [ get details see more or less ]

    The Counseling Center offers professional, private and confidential free counseling for HNU students. The services include, individual, group, couples counseling as well as workshops and community referrals.

    For an appointment, please contact (510) 436-1530. The web link is: http://www.hnu.edu/studentLife/counselingServices.html#services.

  • How can I find out about the campus ministry? [ get details see more or less ]

    The campus ministry information link about all services can be found here: http://www.hnu.edu/campusministry.

  • What is the Center for Social Justice? [ get details see more or less ]

    Holy Names University is very actively involved in community partnerships and social justice. Education goes beyond the classroom. All students are welcome to participate in such things as the Justice Cafes, the Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement, Community-based (Service) Learning Resources, Community-Based Leadership Programs and the Project on Social Justice and Diversity. All information can be found at this site: http://www.hnu.edu/studentLife/involvement/socialJusticeEngagement.html.

  • Is there a fitness center and pool on campus? [ get details see more or less ]

    Yes, the fitness center is available as is the pool to all students. Check hours and information here: http://www.hnuhawks.com/f/Athletic_Facilities.php.

    The Edie Hawkins Fitness Center is located in Tobin Gymnasium. Featured are two treadmills, four stationary bikes, two stair masters, two elliptical machines, 18 machine weight stations, and a complete line of free weight equipment.

    The Fitness Center is free to university students, staff, and faculty with identification. Each staff, faculty, and student is allowed one guest. This guest must be with you at all times.

    Due to class schedules and athletic practice schedules, availability may be limited at certain times. Please call (510) 436-1584 or email sanchez@hnu.edu for questions or concerns.

  • How can I find out about athletic sports events on campus? [ get details see more or less ]

    All athletic games can athletic sports events and information can be found here: http://www.hnuhawks.com.

  • Where can I find more information on the HNU campus and to see a calendar of events? [ get details see more or less ]
  • Is there a Facebook page just for adult students at Holy Names? [ get details see more or less ]

    Yes, follow your classmates and friends on Facebook here.

  • Have A Question? [ get details see more or less ]

    Telephone the Adult and Graduate office at the campus main number: 800.430.1321 or Admission: 510.436.1351 or email us at AdultEd@hnu.edu. You can also speak to the director of the program, Nancy Flinn, by calling 510-436-1689 or email at flinn@hnu.edu.  

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