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Merit Awards, Grants and Scholarships

HNU Trustee Emeritus Jim Vohs with Vohs Scholarship recipients Maria Yanez (left)
and Javonne Byrd (right).

100% of the incoming students to Holy Names University receive some sort of HNU grant or scholarship assistance in paying for school. This is money we give to you to help pay for school that you don't ever have to pay back.

Based on your SAT or ACT scores and your high school GPA, you can find out today the amount of Holy Names Scholarship money for which you qualify. Find your admissions counselor here to ask about your scholarship award.

Undergraduate Students

Find out which Award or Scholarship program is right for you.

  • Merit Awards [ get details see more or less ]
  • Incoming First-Year and Transfer students who complete the application for admission will be eligible for a merit scholarship. These merit scholarships are renewable for up to 5 years for students entering as First-Year Freshman or 3 years for transfer students provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress. Scholarship awards will be determined by the Office of Admissions. Please contact your admission counselor to find out how much you are eligible for. Our merit scholarships go up to $14,000 based on the strength of your academic criteria and involvement. All merit scholarship amounts are based, in part, on residential status of students living on- or off-campus, and can change as housing status changes.

  • Athletic Scholarships [ get details see more or less ]
  • Holy Names University offers athletic scholarships in all varsity sports that compete at the NAIA-Division II level. The Athletic Department in coordination with the Financial Aid Office determines award range from $1,000 to full tuition in combination with all other institutional awards. Awards are based on athletic merit, scholastic merit, and need.

    Download our Athletic Scholarship Policies. Click here »

  • Music Scholarships [ get details see more or less ]
  • The University offers several tuition scholarships up to $5,000 for undergraduate music majors. Awards are determined by the Music Department in coordination with the Financial Aid Office. Selection is based on audition. Students must be full-time and sustain or increase their level of performance to remain on scholarship.

Click here to go to the FAFSA Website (HNU FAFSA Code - 001183)

Federal Grant Programs

The following programs are available for full time undergraduate students.

  • Federal Pell Grant [ get details see more or less ]
  • This program provides up to $5,350 per year for full-time undergraduate students. Eligibility is based on a family's financial circumstances and is need-based. Students who enroll less than full time will receive a percentage of the award.

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) [ get details see more or less ]
  • Grants are awarded to full time undergraduate students. Grants range from $100 to $1500 and depend on need and availability of funds. Priority is given to students receiving Pell Grants.

State Grant Programs

The following programs are available to California residents and are administered by the California Student Aid Commission. To apply, students need to complete and submit the FAFSA and a GPA Verification form by the March 2nd postmark deadline. These Grants are renewable for students who maintain a 2.0 GPA and at least half-time enrollment.

Click here to go to the Cal Grant Website.

  • Cal Grant A [ get details see more or less ]
  • This grant is solely for tuition expenses. Recipients are selected based on financial need and scholastic achievement. This grant is available to undergraduate students attending at least half-time and ranges up to $9,708 annually. Students entering their freshman, sophomore, and junior years are encouraged to apply.

  • Cal Grant B [ get details see more or less ]
  • This program is designed for California's high potential first-year college students from low income families. Recipients receive Cal Grant B subsistence of $1551 their first year of college. In subsequent years, in addition to the Cal Grant B subsistence, recipients will receive a full Cal Grant of $11,259. Recipients must be undergraduates and enrolled at least half-time.


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