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Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality - a wisdom center celebrating Earth, Art and Spirituality

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Creation Spirituality/Universe Story

At the Sophia Center you will be nurtured by a remarkable faculty dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of the unfolding
Universe and the implications for Earth and her ways. Your teachers are theologians, cosmologists, historians, researchers and Earth scientists, biblical scholars, artists, psychologists, dancers, musicians, sociologists, cultural workers and others. Collectively they honor a variety of learning styles and understand the needs of adults who are lifelong learners.

The Sophia Center creates an international learning community that undertakes with integrity and depth the redeeming work of our time and the historical mission to which all humanity is called: the "Great Work" of our generation of transforming the entire cultural paradigm to protect humanity and the planet from destruction while encouraging a new era of well-being for the entire Earth Community.

When I learned that the Universe is conscious, it made complete sense to me, and now I am working to deepen that understanding by completing the Master's program at Sophia. It's the most exciting and life giving work I've ever done.

— Sharon Reinbott
Current Student

Sophia Center students engage in this transforming process: they honor an approach that is rooted in courage, strength and compassion. They join a highly respected international faculty of scholars, social and environmental justice leaders, and spiritual practitioners who energize a world of living ideas and illuminate the complexities of modern spirituality. Drawing on sources as diverse as the medieval mysticism of Hildegaard of Bingen, the contemporary prophecies of Teilhard de Chardin, the quantum physics of Fritjof Capra, the cosmological vision of Thomas Berry, the insights of indigenous cultures, the work of eco-feminism and the spiritual practices of classical traditions of world religions.

The Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality offers the students of the world a meaningful immersion into and investigation of the convergent forces of religion, art, justice, and science.

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