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The Connections Project: Becoming a Successful Learner and Competent Citizen

The Connections Project is one of the ways you will "connect" with the HNU community. All first-year students participate and the experience involves acquiring "tools" for success in college:

  • learning how to learn
  • learning how to serve
  • learning how to lead

through mentoring, service learning, leadership programs, workshops, community dialogues, and a common reading. See what you need to do below.

Key Components of the Connections Project

  1. HNU Learning Communities: A group of people who come together around a shared experience. you will have the opportunity to explore themes of diversity, leadership, or service in and out of the classroom with your learning community.
  2. CP Freshmen Courses: You will enroll in one of ten general education courses with faculty members committed to supporting your transition to college and HNU.
  3. “I did not want to attend a college where you learn only from a book. I believe that all of us should have experiences that help shape us and our way of thinking. The Connections Project shapes us in different ways and gives us experiences outside of the classroom.”
    —-2012 CP Student
  4. Peer Support: You and your classmates will be in eight-person cohorts led by an upperclassmen student leader, or Peer Mentor, who will meet with you weekly to provide support, advice, and a great perspective on being an HNU student.
  5. Connections Project Lab: A one-unit lab you are enrolled in that will assist you with transition topics including time management, health and wellness, relationship building, test-taking, and more!
  6. University Common Reading: Each year the entire first-year class participates in reading and discussing the same book. When you attend your summer Hawk Day, you will receive a copy of the 2014-15 common reading, Enrique's Journey, by Sonia Nazario, a gift from HNU.

What You Need to Do

Since all first-year students participate in The Connections Project, there is nothing you need to join. You are automatically a member. However, there are a few things you need to do to get off to a successful start:

  1. Determine which Connections Project Course, Connections Project Lab, and learning community that appeals to you. Talk it over with friends and family and definitely with your academic advisor. You can also talk about the options with Andrea Melrose, Coordinator of Student Engagement & Leadership.
  2. Enroll in a course. This will likely happen when you attend a Hawk Day.
  3. “I am very thankful that I had such a great Peer Mentor and cohort to support me through an amazing journey. The Connections Project strengthens one’s confidence and creates a real sense of community within Holy Names University.”
    -2012 CP Student
  4. Read the common reading selected for the program. You will receive a complimentary copy of the book at Hawk Days so you can get a head start during the summer.
  5. Meet your Peer Mentor and begin working as a member part of a small group (cohort). Peer mentors are upper-class students who will help guide you and your cohort through the many opportunities and resources on campus. Although you may meet your peer mentor and classmates prior to your arrival to campus, you will definitely meet them and begin your education to success at Orientation.

Common Reading

enriques_journey sonia_nazario

The University Common Reading Selection Committee is pleased to announce that Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario has been chosen as the 2014-2015 University common reading!

Enrique’s Journey chronicles the quest of a young Honduran boy traveling to the United States in search of his mother. The story of his harrowing journey highlights the harsh realities many immigrants experience trying to get to the United States.

Incoming first-year students will be gifted a copy of Enrique’s Journey at Hawk Day. All members of our community are invited to participate in the reading of this book. Throughout the Fall 2014 semester we are planning many opportunities for the campus to be involved in reading, discussion, and activities featuring Enrique’s Journey and related themes.

Author Sonia Nazario will be visiting HNU and presenting on-campus on November 6, 2014.

Please follow the HNU Common Reading program on Facebook and/or Twitter to learn more and get involved.

For more information about the 2014 University Common Reading, please visit enriquesjourney.com.

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