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Outcomes Assessment for Student Affairs Programs and Services

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The Holy Names University Project on Student Success

Since its founding in 1868, the core values of promoting the full development of the human person, social justice, service, hospitality, and liberating actions have been central to defining the educational mission today of Holy Names University. We expect students to embody these core values and to pursue actions that make real and positive differences in local and global communities.

Through a co-curricular approach that emphasizes the total educational experience for students, the Student Affairs community at HNU actively pursues a strategic vision that seeks to promote academic and personal success by connecting programs and services with these core values. To guide our efforts, we have identified five learning outcomes, each associated with core values and each supported by various initiatives.

Specific competencies...




Learning Outcomes and Programs

  • Education for Social Justice - Defined as a person who pursues positive social change, environmental action, and/or political advocacy (Core Value: Social Justice and Service). Initiatives include:
    • Social Justice Cafes
    • Mother Marie Rose Seminar (Tutwiler Alternative Spring Break)
    • Bay Area Social Justice Forum
    • Project on Social Justice and Diversity
  • Education for Personal Responsibility - (Core Value: Liberating Actions). Initiatives include:
    • Freshmen Retreat
    • Civility and Respect
  • Education for Cultural Competence - (Core Value: Hospitality, Diversity). Initiatives include:
    • Service Learning Courses
    • Community-based Leadership Programs
  • Education for Leadership - (Core Value: Liberating Actions, Social Justice and Hospitality). Initiatives include:
    • Associated Students of HNU (ASHNU)
    • Peer Mentors
    • Resident Assistants
    • Hawk Student Athlete Advisory Committee (HSAAC)
    • Campus Life Steering Committee
  • Education for Success - (Core Value: Full Development of the Human Person). Initiatives include:
    • Orientation
    • The Connections Project
    • Financial Literacy Program
    • LEAP
    • EXCEL Program
    • Senior Series
    • Experiential Learning Program (ELP)
    • College Readiness Programs
      • Upward Bound

Core Values

  • Full Potential -
  • Social Justice -
  • Service -
  • Hospitality -
  • Diversity -
  • Liberating Action -

Learning Communities