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HNU Student Employment

The Student Employment Program is designed to complement the overall learning experience at the HNU, while providing an important source of income to help fund the cost of education and ordinary living expenses. Emphasis is placed on providing practical work experience related to academic studies and other areas of interest, as well as allowing the student to explore career options.


Click here to download the Student Handbook.


How do I find a job on campus?

  • All campus jobs are listed online at CareerBeam If you don't have an account already, you will need to create one.
  • To search for jobs on campus, type HNU into the keyword search box.
  • You can also search for internships, off-campus and full-time positions on this site.

How do I find out about off-campus community service positions?

  • Priority for these positions is given to Federal Work-Study recipients, but all students are encouraged to participate based on the availability of open positions.
  • The services rendered in these positions are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, and/or to solve problems related to their needs
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.


Click here to download the Supervisor Handbook.

How do I hire a student employee?

  • Complete a Recruitment Authorization Form (located in the HR Public Folder) and send it to Rosanna Kaufmann .
  • Once your position has been approved, post it on the Career Center's online job board.
  • Select student candidates and execute the interview process.
  • Upon selecting a student to hire, sign and complete a Student Employment Contract and have your new student employee take the contract to the Financial Aid Office. Students will receive all employment paperwork from them at that time.
  • Supervisors will receive a signed Forms Checklist from the Financial Aid Office via the student employee (students are required to bring this checklist to their supervisor) to verify that the student has successfully submitted all necessary employment paperwork to Financial Aid and is officially ready to begin working.

Who to Contact for Assistance:

  • Rosanna Kaufmann , Financial Aid Counselor (and Student Employment Coordinator)
  • Sam Rodriguez, Director of Career Services (for assistance with CareerBeam or job search tools)



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