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Our mission objectives

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) is committed to serving as the primary source for campus, academic unit and student profile statistical summaries, making information easily accessible and widely available to the campus community. IR works with HNU staff & faculty in a collaborative manner to provide timely responses to regular and ad hoc requests for institutional data and analyses. The mission of the IR Office is to develop and maintain processes to ensure the accuracy, reliability and consistency of institutional research data and reports, to comply with Federal, State, Regional Accreditation (WASC) reporting requirements, and promote the appropriate and ethical use of campus data.

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Online Surveys

HNU uses Qualtrics software to administer our online surveys. The email address we use to send survey invitations is If you receive an email message from this address, be assured that it is for an official HNU project. If you have any survey-related questions, please contact our Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research at

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Maintaining the highest research standards

HNU Institutional Review Board / Application Submission

Safeguarding the rights, dignity and well-being of the anticipated human participants in their own and their students’ research.

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