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Strategic Plan 2019-2023

HNU's roadmap guides us forward.

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Holy Names University, founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, is rooted in Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions. A rigorous and inclusive intellectual community, HNU is committed to continuous improvement and provides professional and liberal arts undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The University empowers a diverse student body to think critically and imaginatively, to understand and employ the various modes of knowledge, to communicate clearly and persuasively, to pursue leadership opportunities, and to promote the common good.


Holy Names University strives to be a leader in innovative experiential learning committed to inclusivity and collaboration and dedicated to a more just and equitable world for everyone.


  • Goal I – Deepen cultivation of rigorous scholarship in academic programs that prepare students for a life of learning and leadership.
  • Goal II – Explore and critically engage multi-cultural competency throughout the institution.
  • Goal III – Invest in transformative educational practices and technologies that honor the collaborative nature of learning and prepare students to lead and successfully navigate a rapidly changing world.
  • Goal IV – Engage with the global and local communities through education, service, and partnerships.
  • Goal V – Strengthen and sustain the University’s identity, the Sisters of the Holy Names’ heritage, and stewardship of resources.
  • Goal VI – Achieve an optimal student population to support student success while sustaining financial viability.
Signage at the old convent on Lake Merritt
Holy Names College on Lake Merritt
Sisters of the Holy Names on Lake Merritt
Committed to the fulfillment of the human potential

SNJM Core Values

The Sisters of the Holy Names commit themselves to the fulfillment of the human potential through these Core Values: Full Development of the Human Person, Education in the Faith, Hospitality, Dedication to Women and Children, Dedication to Justice Service to People who are Poor or Marginalized, Commitment to Liberating Action, and Love for the Names of Jesus and Mary.

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