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School of Science, Allied Health, & Nursing

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Welcome to the School of Science, Allied Health, & Nursing

Our Mission

We have graduated equity-minded individuals for over 50 years with BSN, MSN, and MBA degrees. The School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing draws its inspiration from the Sisters of the Holy Names to prepare graduates who are caring professionals, have strong evidence-based critical reasoning skills, advocate for health and social justice, communicate effectively with communities of diverse cultures, and coordinate and design quality-safe, resource-efficient care to meet the challenges of today’s complex workforce and global health care environments.

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Our Vision

The School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing at HNU is to be the educational provider of choice by incorporating experiential learning and promoting social justice to transform healthcare and build scientific literacy for our communities. 

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What Nursing is

Our Philosophy

The Faculty believe careers within the sciences :
• are governed by a rigorous, evolving body of knowledge
• are grounded in evidence-based practices
• encompass the practice of compassion and caring
• advocate for social justice
• engage in life-long learning
• advances scholarship and understanding in their field

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Simulation Lab
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Educate the whole

Value Statement

We embrace professionalism, life-long learning, and social justice using a holistic approach in a student-centered supportive environment.

Nursing Program Outcomes

Graduates from HNU Nursing programs are:
1. Caring professionals
2. Advocates for social justice
3. Strong clinical reasoners
4. Effective communicators
5. Collaborators with diverse cultures
6. Safe quality providers of care
7. Knowledgeable of the global healthcare environment
8. Strong leaders