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Undergraduate Scholarships

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Making Education Accessible

At HNU, we’re committed to a social justice mission that promotes the common good. As an institution for higher education, we believe that individualized education should be available to all students. As a student-centered university, we are focused on helping you prepare for a successful and fulfilling career.

One way we offer our students an accessible education is by providing various undergraduate scholarships. Though Holy Names is a private university, our financial aid opportunities make the cost of attending comparable to a state school for many students. In fact, if you are eligible for both the Pell and Cal Grants, you may take advantage of 100% tuition coverage through HNU’s Tuition Guarantee.

Additional Support

At Holy Names University, we award our students with various university-funded scholarships. We select recipients based on qualifications like need, leadership qualities, and academic merit. 

Our scholarships include those available for athletes, students with musical ability, and those who want to pursue teaching in public or Catholic schools. We also have funds for students who show various amounts of need. There is a limited number of grants available, too. 

Contact a Financial Aid Counselor for tips on how to research and apply for scholarships available outside of HNU. You have countless options available to you. 

To qualify for most financial aid, you need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submitting your application makes you eligible for various scholarships, grants, and federal loans. What kind of education will you choose when you have access to these funds?

Scholarships Currently Available

Our undergraduate scholarships make an HNU education accessible. Learn more about each of the funds we have currently available for student aid.

Scholarship Description Amount
Merit Scholarship Awarded to traditional, full-time students based on GPA Up to $22,000 for First Year Students/ Up to $20,000 for transfer students
HNU Voices Scholarship Awarded by the Music Department to students who are registered in MUS 160, attend classes, and are active participants in campus events. Limited funds available. Up to $1,000
Athletic Scholarship Awarded by the Athletic Department based on talent Varies
Logan Scholarship Applicants must have intention to teach in a public school or organization and have a 3.00 GPA Minimum of 50% reduction in tuition costs
Catholic High School Scholarship Awarded to high school students who are graduates of Bishop O’Dowd, Holy Names, or St. Joseph High Schools Up to $5,000

File your FAFSA by March 1 and Receive a $1,000 Grant

Holy Names University has a new offer for prospective students. Incoming first-year students may receive a $1,000 HNU grant. For eligibility, just submit your FAFSA by March 1, 2022. This HNU grant is compatible with other scholarships and financial aid. 

This grant is only available for first-year students at this time. Transfer students are not eligible for this grant.

Contact HNU About Undergraduate Scholarships in California

Do you want to know more about eligibility for scholarships? Are you curious about the application process for specific funds? Enrollment counselors are available to help you however you need. We believe in empowering our students and families to make confident decisions, and our trusted enrollment counselors can help you do just that — whether you’re a future student, current student, or an alumni.

Admissions counselors can also provide information about any of our programs, student life, and the surrounding community. Request more information about scholarships from HNU today!