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Life in the Bay Area

There is a reason that the San Francisco Bay Area is a top tourist destination!

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Golden Gate Bridge
Lots to look forward to

We love the Bay

There is a reason that the San Francisco Bay Area is a top tourist destination! We have an unbeatable climate, unparalleled natural beauty, and a vibrant and diverse culture. Learn more below, and check out additional resources to help you prepare for your new life here.

people on Baker Beach in San Francisco
Image of a forest of trees
view of Holy Names University campus across water
Holy Names University student hiking in San Francisco Bay Area woods
Coasts, valleys, inland areas, and hills

An unbeatable climate

The Bay Area is made up coasts, valleys, inland areas, and hills--and you’ll find that each area has its very own “micro-climate”! Oakland’s temperatures tend to be mild with an average high of 73°F/22°C and an average low of 45°F/7°C. December through February can be rainy and cold, although it never snows. Be sure to bring a range of clothing, from warm weather clothes to winter clothes.

Local Weather

Prepping for your expenses and banking in the US

Living, incidental, and social expenses will depend on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget, as well as your choice to live on campus, rent an apartment, and/or have roommates. When you arrive in the US, you should have sufficient funds to cover your expenses at HNU.

  • Learn how to pay for tuition, room, and board at HNU by visiting our billing and payments page.
  • All students must have enough money to cover their expenses.  Little, if any, financial aid from the University is available for international students. Therefore, plan on meeting your own educational expenses for the duration of your studies. You can work on campus when jobs are available.
  • International students are allowed to work on campus part-time, however there are very few jobs available. International students are NOT allowed to work off campus without permission from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and only after you have been a student for over 1 year. To work without permission can result in deportation and denial of future entry into the United States.

Banking options:

Visit WalletHub for local banking options.

Internet Service Provider Options:

For detailed information about the cost of utilities such as Internet, use InMyArea to find and compare provider plans and pricing so you can factor it into your budget.