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Angus Mugford

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Angus is the Vice President for High Performance, leading a collaborative, high performance culture with the Toronto Blue Jays. He previously served as the Director of the IMG Institute, leading mental performance consulting for corporate, sport and tactical athletes. He worked with and helped develop the Mental Conditioning team at IMG Academy who are doing outstanding work in applying concepts from sport psychology to help junior and aspiring elite athletes achieve their potential. His educational background has benefited from experiences both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from BASES (British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences) Accredited for Sport Psychology support, to BPS (British Psychological Society) Chartered Psychologist Status; to the US counterparts of AASP (Assoc. of Applied Sport Psych) Certified Consultant, APA (American Psychological Assoc.) and on the Sport Psychology Registry for the USOPC (United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee). He was also honored to be elected president of AASP in 2015. His goals continue to be, fostering the development of people, improving the quality and practicality of performance delivery and character development for athletes, coaches, parents, organizations and the public as a whole. He lives in St Petersburg, FL and has two energetic young sons, Will and Tom.