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Lauren Tashman

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Dr. Lauren S. Tashman, CMPC is a Performance Coach based in New York City through her private practice Align Performance, LLC. She is also a Master Coach with Valor Performance and a co-host for the Path Distilled podcast. She works with clients in sport, the performing arts, medicine, and various sectors of business on mindset, leadership, and team/organizational culture. Dr. Tashman received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from The College of New Jersey and her Master’s and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology with a major in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. She also has certificates in research methods and program evaluation, and spent several years studying expert performance under the direction of Drs. K. Anders Ericsson, Paul Ward, and David Eccles. She’s co-edited several books and published peer-reviewed articles, served as a chair and committee member on theses and dissertation research projects, and has done many webinars, workshops, panels, and presentations to various national and international audiences of a vast array of topics. After spending almost eight years as a professor and coordinator of sport psychology services at Barry University, she shifted her focus to working with clients while still striving to continue giving back to the field by serving as an adjunct professor and mentor for graduate programs and as a member on several committees for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.