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Ronald Kimmons

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Dr. Ronald Kimmons, has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD), a Masters degree in Social Welfare (MSW), and a Masters degree in Sport Psychology (MA).

As an African-American male practitioner, I bring a multicultural diversity perspective that enables me to help clients develop, improve, and increase self-esteem, self-worth, self-concept, and self-determination. My style and skill set incorporate mental skills training techniques, fused with an integrative psychological theoretical orientation, with a foundation in social work practice. My integrative philosophy builds from an interpersonal base focused on the maturation of those various self-conceptualizations; as understanding the importance of healthy self-esteem allows us to build, repair, or invigorate self-confidence. I subscribe to the notion that: Thoughts affect Feelings, affect Behaviors, affects Performance [T->F->B->P]. It is my belief that it is imperative to inculcate people with a view of themselves as able minded, in order to be able bodied. The goal of my approach is to facilitate a process in which clients are working to increase their sense of self-worth while developing the ability to utilize critical thinking competencies to: solve problems, set goals, increase motivation, in order to experience positive change in their life, sport, and/or overall current circumstance. The interplay of peak performance training, mental strength/mental toughness development is fundamental in its relatedness to wellness; and is a key component in achieving or experiencing peak performance in the classroom, sport/competition, personal and professional relationships; together, these components are the elements of my teachings of the foundations of self” and my interpersonal developmental theory, known as Foundamentalism ©.

I currently function as the team consultant for the Utah Jazz (in the role of Director of Wellness & Human Performance/Mental Skills Coach”); my client base also includes: professional/collegiate/high school athletes, Olympians, high level academics, Hollywood actors, that person at the gym training for the marathon, that dude in your Pilates class etc…… along with a raft of elementary, and middle school soccer and basketball players (Oakland Orange Scorpions!)