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Legacy Society Spotlight

Paula Pardini '67

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“Embrace your wonder, develop your intellect, dare to be Divine channels on this planet.”

How did you first become involved with Holy Names University?

I was a four-year student at College of Holy Names to get my B.A. 1963-67; I also earned my CA Teaching Credential through CHN in 1969.

If you attended HNU, what is your favorite moment of your student days? So many favorite moments!

Maria Andrea Biggi lived with us in the dorms.  She “mothered” us and was a true friend, playing cards in the lounge with us; typing papers for those who were too slow and stayed up late; cooking two authentic “Italian” dinners for us annually, and on I could go!

Between our final and graduation, 3 carloads of us drove down to the “17 Mile Drive” in Carmel, and when we got to “The Lone Cypress”, we shouted our accomplishments to the winds, celebrating our majors and our future jobs.

CHN gifted me with my life-long friends, the women and families I come home to.  They are my anchor.

What are you most proud of in your life?

We learned to be women motivated by gospel values, choosing to make a difference in the world. Personally I am most proud of being a founder of Caritas Creek Environmental Education Program (school-year and summer sessions), where students and staff experience “S.O.N.G.” – we enrich our understanding of self, others, nature, and God.  The program was founded in 1975 and is still going strong.

Tell us about your greatest adventure to-date!

I go to Italy annually, to celebrate my heritage and to enjoy the natural wonders, the sumptuous food, and the loving people.

What inspired you to include Holy Names in your estate plan?

HNU empowered us young women to know that we could live out God’s Love, making a difference in our world. My life has ongoing meaning and substance because of this understanding.

What words of advice do you have for future generations of HNU students?

Embrace your wonder, develop your intellect, dare to be Divine channels on this planet.

What do you want HNU students to know about you?

I am an alumna who is willing to talk with any student about the value of the HNU educational experience.

What is your greatest hope for the future of Holy Names?

I hope that HNU will continue to be available to anyone who wants this type of values-driven education.