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Take HNU's Anti-Racism Pledge

We invite our community to join us in our work to identify structural racism and co-create a safe and just society for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

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Holy Names University is committed to evaluating how we live up to our institution’s social justice mission, how our community members experience it, and how we can expand it so that we can co-create an anti-racist institution. Read the Anti-Racism pledge from the President’s Cabinet.

We encourage our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and supporters to join us in signing our Anti-Racism Pledge, committing to self-reflection, and taking action that supports an actively anti-racist campus, community, and society.

Join us in taking HNU’s Anti-Racism Pledge:

I recognize that structural racism in the form of policy, micro-aggressions, and silence disproportionally impacts Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. I also recognize that systems of oppression are perpetuated both by specific actions and by inaction and passivity. I pledge to address the root causes of the inequities that result from institutionally racist policies and practices. Drawing upon the SNJM Core Value of dedication to justice I choose not to accept these conditions as they exist and to accept the responsibility for changing them.

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We commit to Holy Names University’s Anti-Racism Pledge

Cynthia LeBlancHNU Alum
Susan Abbott MartinHNU Alum
Claire Reclosado-BaclayHNU Faculty Member
John HOFMANNHNU Staff Member
Rob KinnardHNU Staff Member
Maureen DunnHNU Alum
Mary RetchlessHNU Alum
Alena A. HairstonHNU Faculty Member
Katherine TriestHNU Staff Member
Dr Zaida McCall PerezHNU Faculty Member
Shartresa NixonHNU Alum
Rebecca WhitneyHNU Staff Member
Claudine ParksHNU Staff Member
Kim BowersHNU Staff Member
Kimberly MayfieldHNU Staff Member
Dorothy LeeHNU Alum
Catherine De VosHNU Staff Member
Carlyn KesslerHNU Staff Member
Lauren TashmanHNU Faculty Member
Theresa CardinaleHNU Faculty Member
Celia VollovHNU Faculty Member
Kathleen ClappHNU Staff Member
Mattea CarveiroHNU Staff Member
Trina SlapekaHNU Staff Member
Anya ZinovevaHNU Faculty Member
Michele Javier-PomaHNU Alum
Stephanie RankinHNU Alum
Muskaan AleemHNU Student
Patricia Rooney McGrathHNU Alum
Fiani JohnsonHNU Student
Mary Ellen Severance De SilvaHNU Alum
Jordan Jurich-WestonHNU Faculty Member
Jay CastilloHNU Staff Member
Hugo MelaraHNU Staff Member
Kelsey LindquistHNU Staff Member
Nirali JaniHNU Faculty Member
Sean KelloggHNU Student
Veronica ChurchillHNU Staff Member
Jeremiah EllingtonHNU Staff Member
Bethany FitelsonHNU Staff Member
Dan OurianHNU Faculty Member
Eleanor McFarlinHNU Staff Member
Edymir GuerreroHNU Student
Vicki TomHNU Staff Member
Claudine ParksHNU Staff Member
Brian RisiHNU Staff Member
Robert SimonsHNU Faculty Member
Lisa MooreHNU Staff Member
Von SegerbergHNU Staff Member
Leila AbuhijlehHNU Staff Member
Elena TodorovaHNU Faculty Member
Chiu ChenHNU Faculty Member
Kelsey VolkmarHNU Student
Aaliyah QuiñonesHNU Student
Samantha NomuraHNU Student
Ronald AlvaradoHNU Student
Martin LampertHNU Faculty Member
Jean DriscollHNU Faculty Member
Yellowlees DouglasHNU Faculty Member
Eugenia ChanHNU Staff Member
Lois CorrinHNU Student
Gregory BurnsHNU Alum
Brittaney KinneyHNU Student
Luis GuerraHNU Staff Member
Razalyn NickolaHNU Student
Stas PrentissHNU Faculty Member
Joanne FurioHNU Faculty Member
Stephanie Quan-LoreyHNU Faculty Member
Nicole WhitnerHNU Staff Member
Stefani WulkanHNU Staff Member
Glenn SagerHNU Staff Member
Monica RamosHNU Student
Rose Gardner StadlerHNU Staff Member
Maleek OladunjoyeHNU Student
Diamond AllenHNU Student
Maria NelsonHNU Staff Member
George HammHNU Faculty Member
Jenny Girard MalleyHNU Staff Member
Matthew LeeHNU Faculty Member
Joseph ReynosaHNU Staff Member
Maree HENNESSYHNU Faculty Member
Jacob KolpasHNU Student
Kya CookHNU Student
Ivy Al-FaqihHNU Staff Member
Alexis ThompsonHNU Student
Alexis ValenciaHNU Staff Member
rachelle camposHNU Staff Member
James StrykerHNU Faculty Member
Paul AyusoHNU Student
Jocelyn ReyesHNU Student
Cesar AntillonHNU Student
Rebecca JankuraHNU Student
Salvatore RagusaHNU Staff Member
Matt DavisHNU Staff Member
Chiara RosequistHNU Faculty Member
Mandy KinnardHNU Staff Member
Paul NagamiHNU Faculty Member
Laura TruxlerHNU Faculty Member
Allison TorresHNU Staff Member
Katherine BairdHNU Staff Member
Valerie HaynesHNU Staff Member
Gabrielle TolentinoHNU Staff Member
Sister Marcia Frideger, SNJMHNU Alum
Chris OetingerHNU Staff Member
Polly MayerHNU Faculty Member
Stephen StickaHNU Staff Member
Kris BaileyHNU Staff Member
Angeline BanezHNU Staff Member
Judy CurtisHNU Staff Member
Sheila GibsonHNU Faculty Member
Casey LaBarberaHNU Staff Member
Lauren SchliesHNU Student
Julia SmithHNU Faculty Member
Sr. Carol NicklasHNU Alum
Ree'shemah ThorntonHNU Staff Member
Consuelo FrayleHNU Student
Mariah BruceHNU Staff Member
Savannah VasquezHNU Student
Leslea ReynosoHNU Student
Mike GroenerHNU Staff Member
Carol Sellman, snjmHNU Alum
Laura LyndonHNU Staff Member
Elizabeth O'BrienHNU Staff Member
Mary Boivin-McGheeHNU Staff Member
Max ElmanFriend of HNU
Sonia CaltvedtHNU Staff Member
Stephanie SilvaHNU Staff Member