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HNU offers its signature support for adults returning to college.

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Bachelor's Degree-Completion Students

Flexible programs with easy credit transfer

Balance family & career with degree programs built for working professionals. We’ll let you know which of your credits transfer over, how much it will cost to graduate, and how long it will take. We look forward to having you join us, and will help make your transition an easy one.

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Degree-Completion Programs Now More Within Reach

Tuition Reduction

We are committed to making a quality education accessible to everyone and have just reduced our tuition for degree-completion programs. We also offer scholarships and need-based aid.

Degree-completion students may also gain credits toward graduation through HNU’s credit-by-assessment program, SAIL (Student Assessment and Individualized Learning). Examples of prior learning that may translate into college credit include professional work experience; training classes, workshops, and seminars; military experience; volunteer experience; and life experience.

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Our admissions counselors are here to help you navigate the admissions process. We'll answer your questions, assist with paperwork, and provide the encouragement and support you need during this exciting time.

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