Between the Lines

The Anthony Award

Named after Sister Anthony, the eldest of the six founding sisters of Holy Names University, the Anthony Award acknowledges inspiring and revolutionary work in non-fiction prose. Judges for the Anthony Award are seasoned writers whose non-fiction prose writing explores topics of social change.


All of the essays and articles that are selected for publication in our Third Issue will be considered for the 2016 Anthony Award.

The Anthony Award judge is Faith Adiele, who is Associate Professor of Writing at California College of the Arts and has won numerous awards and recognitions for her creative nonfiction.


The winner of the Anthony Award was Megan Sullivan for the penetrating memoir “My Father’s Prison.”

The Anthony Award judge was Jane Ganahl, journalist for major publications from Vanity Fair to Rolling Stone and author of the memoir Naked on the Page.


The winner of the Anthony Award was J. Weintraub for the insightful essay “One Reason James Baldwin Probably Never Subscribed to Parents’ Magazine.”

The 2014 Anthony Award judge was Greg Archer, contributing writer at leading publications including O Magazine, TV host, and author of the memoir Grace Revealed.