Between the Lines


A better tomorrow in mind
Hope for a better future
Each nail we fasten, each board we grind
Reveals a land full of everything but sorrow

Smiling faces, joyful sounds
Poverty stricken but as loving as any true family
This little town that is oh so profound
Started in our hearts a rally

We seek to show the love of Jesus
Unconditional, unending, unyielding
Merely a small act performed by us
Experience we will until eternity be treasuring

We came to change Tutwiler, Mississippi
But Tutwiler has changed us undoubtedly

Lauryn Barbosa is a student in the Nursing Program at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. She went to Tutwilier, MS, in the Winter of 2013, to perform community service with West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity as a member of the Spirituality and Social Justice course taught by SNJM Sophia Park.