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Michael Graney-Mulholland

Dr. Graney-Mulholland’s career encompasses over 30 years of professional business experience and 16 years in academia in the field of management. Prior to accepting the appointment as Dean of Business and Applied Social Sciences, she served as Program Chair for the Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programs in John F. Kennedy University’s School of Management. Previously, she was the Department Chair for the undergraduate business program for Northern California at the University of Phoenix, where she was responsible for the performance of 500 adjunct faculty and 1,500 students. She has worked in the telecommunications, banking, and credit card industries as Director of Operations and as Director of Training and Development for Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Graney-Mulholland’s wide range of interests in the field of management – ranging from leadership development, human resource management, organizational psychology, knowledge management, e-learning, to ethics – has lead her to develop challenging, visionary curricula with an interdisciplinary approach. Her dissertation research investigated how “Mature Professional Women Succeed in the New Business Model.” Her educational philosophy is rooted in the concept that learning is a life-long pursuit, and she continues applied research to develop methods of enhancing the learning experience and practical application of students’ knowledge.