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Alan S. Kornspan

Dr. Kornspan is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Business and Applied Social Sciences and the School of Nursing.  He is currently teaching courses within the graduate program in Applied Sport and Performance Psychology and within the undergraduate kinesiology program. 

Previously, Dr. Kornspan was a Full Professor in the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education at the University of Akron where he was the program coordinator for the sport science/coaching graduate program and the undergraduate program in sport studies.   

Dr. Kornspan received his Ed.D. from West Virginia University in Sport Behavior with a concentration in Applied Sport Psychology, his master’s degree from Michigan State University, and his bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University.  His research interests include the history of sport and exercise psychology, professional and contemporary issues in sport psychology, and the history of baseball. 

Since 1995, Dr. Kornspan has published 40 articles in refereed journals related to the social science of sport. In addition, Dr. Kornspan has published the book Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology published by Human Kinetics Publishers, five book chapters on sport and exercise psychology, and three encyclopedia and dictionary entries related to the history of sport and exercise psychology. He has also provided 12 book sections that provide information related to books and videos in the field of sport and exercise psychology for the past six editions of the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology.   

Dr. Kornspan’s scholarly work has made an impact in the field of sport psychology. Specifically, his scholarly activity related to the history of sport and exercise psychology is cited in many of the top sport and exercise psychology textbooks throughout the world.