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Amber Haydu

Dr. Amber Haydu is a clinical psychologist and sport psychologist who graduated from John F. Kennedy University in both the Psy.D. and Sport Psychology Programs. Her dissertation, “Female Athletes Body Narrative: Exploring Former Female Collegiate Athletes’ Body Experiences,” explored concepts of body image, gender, and sport. The research also included focus on clinical implications for increasing positive body experience for female athletes and the general collegiate population. Dr. Haydu has utilized her sport psychology training and education, often applying performance enhancement skills to life skills throughout her clinical career from university counseling centers to forensic settings to crisis residential and outpatient community mental health. Dr. Haydu played various sports throughout her life, with a focus on soccer during her sporting career. Dr. Haydu currently enjoys applying mental skills as she competes in in half-marathons, with hopes of making time to train for a marathon.