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Alexander Cantillo

Professor Alexander (“Alex”) Cantillo is an aspiring Clinical Sport Psychologist with a background in Sport Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. Being a former athlete and coach himself, Alex aims to use his passion for and knowledge of psychology to assist in the coordination of mental health services for athletes and performers at all levels.

Additionally, with his clinical background, Alex has a history of offering individual and group therapeutic services to clients in community mental health, providing services in both English and Spanish. Alex has seen diverse clients experiencing a range of concerns such as domestic violence, trauma, major depression, psychosis, co-morbid concerns, substance use, and acute crisis situations. More so, having been raised in a Cuban family, Alex is Latino male who is fully fluent in Spanish and takes much pride in serving Latinx communities and all communities of color. It is his personal aim that his work helps to ensure services become more available to the diverse populations across the country.


More recently, Alex has begun to utilize his Sport Psychology training, offering team and individual consultations to high school athletes within Miami-Dade County. Additionally, in terms of Sport Psych work, Alex has been working to develop a leadership and life skills training program for youth athletes. As he grows into his professional role, Alex is highly interested in furthering research on topics of leadership development, transitioning away from sport, and athletic identity.

Currently, “Professor C” resides in Miami, Fl. Although he has taught before, this is his first year teaching within a graduate program. Nevertheless, Professor C has always known that teaching was a part of his mission. In many ways, he views teaching as his way of giving back to the field of psychology, as it is important to share the passion and vision of this work with aspiring practitioners from diverse backgrounds.