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Claire Reclosado-Baclay

Dr. Reclosado-Baclay was born in Virginia and raised in the Bay Area. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of California, Davis. Soon after graduating, Dr. Reclosado-Baclay spent almost a decade as a high school English teacher, Leadership teacher, and volleyball coach. It was during this time she ran her first race – the California International Marathon, and quickly realized her love/hate relationship with running. While working as a teacher, Dr. Reclosado-Baclay was offered a job to cover the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics for an online publication, which she did from 2007-2016. It was after spending hours in MLB clubhouses that she decided to pursue her original career goal to be a Sport Psychologist. In 2016, Dr. Reclosado-Baclay earned her master’s degree in Sport Psychology and in 2018 earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology—both from John F. Kennedy University. Her interests include Sport Psychology, Social Justice and Advocacy, and areas surrounding the Filipinx American community. Her experience includes presenting at national professional conferences (AAPA, NMCS, APA), teaching at both university and high school levels, and clinical work in various settings. She is currently on the executive committee of the Asian American Psychological Association’s Division on Filipinx Americans.