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David Goldweber

Publications (books, essays, reviews, etc.

Claws & Saucers: Guide to Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy Film, 2014

Film article series posted at , 2012-present

“The Myth of Multitasking” – San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 21, 2005

“The World is an Oyster” – East Bay Express, Aug 18, 2004

“Minority Writers” – LA Times, July 10, 2004

“Countee Cullen, John Keats, and the Privileged Liar” – PLL, Winter 2002

“America’s Natural Treasures” – July 18, 2002

“Dreams and Stories in The Sandman” – Journal of Comic Art, Spring 2001

History of Star Trek – St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, 1999

“The Conversion of Claude McKay” – Commonweal, Sept 10, 1999

“Byron and Gifford” – The Keats-Shelley Review, 1998

“Byron, Catholicism, and Don Juan XVII” – Renascence, Spring 1997

“The Style and Structure of Blake’s Bible of Hell” – ELN, June 1995

Speeches, colloquial, public appearances, etc.

  • “Symbol as Truth in Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic” – Presentation, ComicCon, August 1999
  • “Art/Story Relationships in Modern Comic Books” – Presentation, Popular Culture Association, March 1999

Songwriting and gardening