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Easa Camorongan, LCSW

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Professor Easa Camorongan is a first-generation American-born Filipina. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of California, Davis. Soon after graduation, Professor Camorongan began direct care work in a community-based mental health wraparound pilot program – first as a counselor, then as a community resource specialist. During this time, she participated in her first endurance event: the Maui Marathon. With her team, she raised funds to benefit the preservation of the historical International Hotel (“I-Hotel”) and Manilatown Heritage Foundation in San Francisco. In 2007, Professor Camorongan earned her Master of Social Work at Smith College School for Social Work.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Professor Camorongan’s professional interests include working with underrepresented and underserved populations, social justice and advocacy, decolonizing mental health, and embodied healing practices. Her experience includes over 20 years of direct care and supervisory experience providing community-based mental health services to youth and families involved in juvenile justice, child welfare, and social services systems. She is passionate about direct clinical work and developing new clinicians, counselors, and coaches in the healing, helping, and performance professions. In 2022, she participated in her first endurance cycling events – a metric century cycling ride in Livermore, California and a full Century cycling ride in Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada. As an avid cyclist, endurance athlete, and yoga enthusiast, she is excited to expand her clinical practice to serve athletes and their ecology and is currently developing a private therapy practice to this end.