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Gail Needleman MM

Lecturer in Music: Musicianship and Theory, Medieval to Renaissance; Renaissance to Baroque; Baroque to Classical; Classical II; Romantic Era; 20th/21st Century.

Gail Needleman teaches courses that integrate solfège, theory, stylistic analysis and cultural context.  At Holy Names, she spearheaded the redesign of the undergraduate music curriculum based on an integrated, “Great Works” model.   With Anne Laskey, longtime Director of the Kodály Center at Holy Names, she was the recipient of a Parsons Fellowship from the Library of Congress for research in American folk songs for teaching, and is currently engaged in this research with the aim of producing music textbooks for children.  She is also the co-creator (with Prof. Laskey) of the American Folk Song Collection, a website based on Holy Names’ collection of American Folk Songs for Teaching. Gail has taught music and drama in public and private schools, conducted community and school choirs, and performs as a soloist, an accompanist and in chamber ensembles. Her work as a writer and teacher addresses the essential role of music in the moral and spiritual development of children.  Equally at home in the world of classical music and traditional American folk song, Gail has presented many sessions on folk music and musicianship at national and international conferences, and  is an author and speaker on  music, nature and the human spirit. For a taste of her unique perspective on the role of music, check out this interview.