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Jay Sweis-Black

Jay came to us from her CEO position at Opportunity, Inc. (, a professional networking platform connecting job seekers with recruiters and providing leads to businesses. Opportunity grew from a few thousand users to over twenty-five million during her leadership and tenure.

Before joining Opportunity, she was Vice President of Marketing and program director for an institution that offered professional certificates to those seeking to advance their career in business, finance, and marketing. Throughout her career in the corporate world, Jay has held many leadership positions laser-focused on scale and growth.

Her academic career stems from more than 18 years of part-time work at various universities, both in the classroom and online, concentrating specifically on business, finance, and marketing courses. Jay is a doctoral student at the University of South Alabama pursuing a Ph.D. in business focused on marketing.


Working papers: 

  • Women empowerment and leadership
  • Bottom of the pyramids (BoP) communities in the supply chain
  • DEIJ, how sustainability starts with social change 
  • The Triple Bottom Line, (Sustainable business strategies that positively impact the environment, society, and profits)