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Justin Foster, M.A.

Justin Foster is a Cognitive Performance Consultant and Founder of The Excelling Edge LLC and has been a professional in the field since 2009. He serves as an Adjunct Faculty for the Sports and Performance Psychology Master’s program. Justin holds a Master’s Degree in Sport-Performance Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Justin has worked with a wide range of athletes and performers, including military units, NCAA Division 1 programs, professional athletes, NFL combine training, and nationally ranked juniors.  

Justin supported the U.S. Army and special operations units for 10 years before helping launch the U.S. Air Force’s program for fighter pilot training. In addition to sport and performance psychology training, Justin specializes in the integration of neurocognitive technologies within high performance training environments, assisting organizations in the selection, assessment, and training of equipment and capabilities. He also consults with teams, coaches, and athletes to build team culture, championship coaches and mental toughness to help them perform their best when it matters most. Justin and his family currently reside in the Phoenix, AZ area.