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Monica Garcia

Monica received her undergraduate degree from CSU East Bay in Sociology with a minor in Latina/o Studies. She is taking graduate courses in Urban Education at Holy Names as she continues to pursue higher education. One of her favorite courses in college was an ethnic studies course: Peoples of Central America. She enjoys discussing culture and how societal and global factors impact individual behavior. Monica loves being an Academic Advisor because she is passionate about helping students reach their personal and professional goals. Monica understands that “life happens,” and hopes to work with students in tailoring and evolving their plans to ensure success.

Monica is a Bay Area native and could not imagine calling any other place home. Her hobbies include: watching A’s baseball and going to games, listening and sharing music of all genres, crafting, and learning to paint. To get away from it all, she enjoys taking day hikes and camping. She is happiest near a lake or river, tall redwoods trees, and listening to her favorite tunes.

Academic Advisors are here to assist students with scheduling courses, mapping paths to graduation and help with connecting students to helpful resources on campus. We are here to support students through their HNU academic journey and we hope to get to know you as well as your goals and passions as we navigate the journey together.