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Morris Hamm

It’s the age of the entrepreneur, and the San Francisco Bay Area is uniquely positioned at the center of the action. Whether you’re launching a startup or pursuing a more traditional leadership role, the Master of Business Administration program at Holy Names University will prepare you for success. Our distinguished faculty members are engaged with current industry trends, and thanks to small classes, they are available to support and connect with students.

  • The program provides extensive preparation in all core business areas. In addition to foundational business concepts, classes provide an in-depth introduction to current issues, including e-commerce, internet-based funding, and management in a global economy.
  • Our curriculum emphasizes business ethics and social responsibility.
  • Students conduct onsite research at companies of their choice, providing them with hands-on business experience.
  • Students who earned a bachelor’s business degree from HNU with an emphasis in communications, international business, management, or marketing may complete the MBA program with a management concentration in one year.
  • Students who earn a bachelor’s accounting degree from HNU may complete the CPA-Track MBA program with a concentration in Accounting in an additional year.