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Nina Handler

The cultural construction of childhood and its movement; intertextuality; narratology, culture and literature; literature and film studies


Drawn into the Circle of Its Repetitions: An Examination of Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy (book)

“Novel as Theory: City of Glass” (essay)

“Separating the Equations: Feminism within The Bloody Chamber” (essay)

“What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a Novel Like This?: The ‘Jewish’ in Castle Rackrent” (essay)

Speeches, Colloquia, Public Appearances

What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a Novel Like This?: The “Jewish” in Castle Rackrent” (Panel discussion of Women and Ethnicity at MLA, 1994)

“Building Bridges: Involving the Reader in the Construction of Text in The Bridges of Madison County”  (Panel Discussion of Reader Response Theory Applied to Contemporary Publishing at Romance Readers and Writers Convention, 1999)

“But Why is it a Grafted Tree?: The Ympe in Sir Orfeo” (Panel on the Medieval Text, Medieval Studies Society, 2000)

“Must a Female be Named Nobody?: Naming in Frances Burney’s Evelina” (Presentation at Eighteenth-Century Literature, Special Session: Frances Burney, 2003)

“How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm After They’ve Seen Emerald City: The Problem of ‘Home’ in The Wizard of Oz” (presentation at Holy Names University ISAC Conference: ‘Home’, 2010)

“Reading To Write” (upcoming presentation with Marion Marshall at The Teaching Professor Conference, 2014)

Awards and Grants

Branwyn-Pratt Award, 1992