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Giving Stories

Learn about Holy Names University donors and scholarship recipients in these inspiring stories.

Donors provide an essential service to the students at HNU. They help support educational dreams—whether donations go directly to students via scholarships or contribute to faculty development and campus modernization. Donors are mentors on how to lead a life committed to the greater good.

In turn, HNU students build a stronger society, educated in the values of the Sisters to make a difference in the world. Asevidenced by the scholarship recipients described below, HNU students have a calling to help others. They are working to become nurses who will serve their communities, committed teachers, business professionals with a social justice perspective, and activists dedicated to bridging cultural differences.


Steve Borg ’86 and Betsy Fabro-Borg ’86

SteveBorg_BetsyFabro-BorgSteve Borg ’86 and Betsy Fabro-Borg ’86 are remembering the University in their estate plans and are members of the Marie-Rose Durocher Legacy Society. They met at then-Holy Names College as freshmen in 1982.

Steve credits HNU for providing him with “four key success factors” that have helped him to build his career as senior vice president and corporate marketing director of California Bank & Trust. “Holy Names taught me the importance of critical thinking; it prepared me to be a good communicator; it gave me a sense of responsibility—both socially and ethically; and it gave me a global perspective,” he says. Read more . . .

Martha and Wesley Jones

JonesMartha and Wesley Jones were impressed by the educational experiences that their granddaughter Marisa received at Holy Names University. They decided to establish a scholarship in honor of their parents, Thomas and Emma Jones and Morton and Bess Frank. The Jones/Frank Memorial Scholarship, founded in October 2007, requires that students maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 and gives preference to biracial students and descendants of the Jones and Frank families. After the establishment of the scholarship, the Jones continued their commitment to Holy Names University through a legacy gift that will perpetuate their family values. Read more . . .

Frances Paganini ’74

FrancesPaganiniAs Frances Paganini ’74 reflected on potential beneficiaries for a charitable remainder trust she recalled her alma mater. Because she desired to give back to the institution that gave her so much, Frances named then-Holy Names College as a beneficiary of her trust. Frances recognized the importance her college education played in her life and believed in providing for the University’s long-term financial planning and ongoing success. As a member of the Marie-Rose Durocher Legacy Society, she wanted to ensure that a new generation of students would be fully prepared to enter into the world they have inherited and to change it for the better. Read more . . .

Scholarship Recipients

Michelle Edwards

edwardsMichelle Edwards, a Class of 1951 scholarship recipient, participated in the nursing partnership program with Samuel Merritt University as a 2+2 student. She has completed her HNU coursework and graduated from Samuel Merritt University. Michelle is currently working in South Carolina as a labor and delivery nurse.

Michelle is a single mother of a daughter with sickle cell anemia and believes her HNU education has had a positive impact on her daughter. “I chose to attend Holy Names University because I wanted to attend a university that my daughter can attend. I would like to make attending HNU part of our family tradition,” she said. “My hard work is being recognized and this scholarship has given me even more motivation to succeed.” Read more . . .

Maura Granados

granadosMaura Granados, a current student at HNU and recipient of the Catholic High Schools Scholarship and SNJM Scholarship, migrated from Mexico to the United States at the age of seven. Maura intends to study international business at Holy Names University and become a bridge between her native country’s and adopted country’s cultures. “Being a link between what are now my two cultures is my dream, and it would not be possible without a college education,” she says. Read more . . .

Marylou Hinojosa ’07

MaryLouHinojosaThe financial support that Marylou Hinojosa received from HNU donors Cornell Maier, and Albert and Elizabeth Mullen-Selfa set in motion the beginning of her educational dreams. Marylou graduated from HNU with a bachelor’s degree in 2007, and is now training to become a teacher at HNU.

“I am grateful that people like Cornell Maier, and Albert and Elizabeth Mullen-Selfa make education possible for others,” she said. “As a result of their generosity, I hope to make a difference in the lives of many.” Read more . . .

Grady Kimes

Grady KimesGrady Kimes, who is earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in nursing administration, chose to pursue his graduate degree at HNU because he believes in the institution’s values and felt that HNU offered the best fit for his academic career.

“I feel that education not only needs to open your mind, but your heart as well,” he said, noting that he felt this was best achieved in a small, private university setting. “I believe that HNU focuses on educating the entire person, ensuring that their graduates are well-rounded and ready to make a positive impact in the community.” Read more . . .