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Defunding the Police: What Does this Mean?
HNU Social Justice Speaker Series

The Social Justice Info Series is a four-part series sponsored by the Undergraduate Criminology Program and the Center for Social Justice at HNU. This series is born out of a need to address the civil unrest experienced nationally, internationally and collectively by our students and others, in response to policing practices impacting communities of color.

The info series is intended to facilitate transformative learning and create a space to have real conversations that address current issues, and present opportunities for growth that can affect healthy, productive change within the criminal justice system and the community at large.

Defunding the Police: What Does this Mean?

Program Overview: This session will respond to recent protests to defund the police in light of officer-involved shootings of unarmed people of color. We will dissect this term, and discuss societal impacts associated with defunding the police. The discussion will focus on public safety and collaborative community policing efforts underway.

Guest Speaker: Oakland Police Department Assistant Deputy Chief LeRonne Armstrong