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HNU Student-Athlete Transition Resources

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HNU Student-Athlete Transition Resources

Beginning Fall 2023, HNU will no longer be able to offer an athletics program. The announcement was made on November 18, 2022 to provide HNU student-athletes with as much time as possible to explore their options. HNU staff and coaches, and our entire community, are committed to working with student-athletes on their individual paths forward and ensuring they are supported through this transition. Transition resources and FAQs will be compiled on this webpage. 

Resources & FAQs

NCAA Regulations

Per NCAA regulations, Holy Names University has formally notified the NCAA and the PacWest Conference that all 13 intercollegiate sports will be discontinued effective the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.  Holy Names University will maintain all Athletic Aid in the amount and for the duration stated in financial aid agreements for all Holy Names University student-athletes for the 2022-2023 academic year.  All Holy Names University student athletes will be granted a full release to transfer and will be entered to the Transfer Portal.  In accordance with NCAA Division II Bylaw, Holy Names University grants immediate permission to contact other institutions to all student athletes.

The following is a summary of information from the NCAA Division II Manual.  For detailed information please reference NCAA Division II Bylaws,,,, 14.2.5, 14.2.7, &

Transfer Portal FAQs

Transfer Portal

Do I need to request to be entered into the NCAA Transfer Portal?

No, all HNU Student-Athletes will be entered into the NCAA Transfer Portal by December 15th, 2022.

Will my transfer tracer remain in the NCAA Transfer Portal after the Holy Names University Athletics Department closes?

Yes, information on all HNU Student-Athletes will remain on the Transfer Portal until the individual has matriculated to a new institution and moved on to the next school.

How will my new institution get the eligibility information they need?

All the information needed on eligibility is included on the Transfer Tracer that will be created in the Transfer Portal by December 15th, 2022. These transfer tracers will be completed in the Transfer Portal by December 15th, 2022 with information through the start of the Spring 2023 semester. Once the term completes on May 9th, 2023, the transfer tracer located in the portal will be updated to reflect the Spring 2023 semester grades.

Can I talk with coaches at other colleges or reach out to other college coaches?

Yes, HNU Student-Athletes can talk to other coaches and sign aid agreements with other schools starting November 18th, 2022. Permission to contact has been granted, per Bylaw

“Red-Shirt” Verification

“Red-Shirt” Verification

  • College athletic departments do not provide individuals with verification of a “red-shirt” or a season where the individual did not compete.
  • Information on athletic seasons of competition can be found on the transfer tracer in the NCAA Transfer Portal for the new institution.
Hardship Waivers

Hardship Waivers

  • Medical Hardship Waivers that occurred at Holy Names University prior to November 18th, 2022, will be submitted by HNU, and processed by the PacWest Conference office.
  • Any medical hardship waivers that did not get submitted by HNU or processed by the PacWest Conference prior to November 18th, 2022, can be submitted by the student-athlete’s new institution, and will be processed by the conference that the transfer institution is a member.
  • Make sure to get all your medical documentation from the Sports Medicine staff before you depart campus.  Also make sure to have all the contact information for the medical doctor you saw off campus to request copies of your medical documentation.
Medical Documentation/Physicals

Medical Documentation/Physicals

  • Medical documentation can be requested from the training room for all student-athletes.
  • Student-athletes that arrived to HNU for the first time in Fall 2022 have a physical that was performed by one of our team physicians which should satisfy any tryout requirements at other NCAA institutions.
  • Returning student-athletes were required to update their physicals with the Sports Medicine staff. Therefore, their doctor-performed physical would be older than Fall 2022, which may not satisfy tryout requirements of other schools.  Please reach out to the Sports Medicine staff if you have further questions.
Season of Competition Waivers

Season of Competition Waivers

Student-Athletes who have competed in less than 30% of the season (and don’t continue to compete) when the notice of the discontinuation of the sport at Holy Names University was issued may be eligible for a season of competition waiver. These waivers would be submitted to the NCAA by the institution the student-athlete transfers to (not HNU). While their is an opportunity for these waivers to be approved, the approval of these waivers is not guaranteed.

Things to Consider for Holy Names University Student-Athlete
  1. Have multiple unopened, saved copies of your Holy Names University official transcript that you can provide to future schools.
  2. Request a copy of your Holy Names University official transcript to save for future transfer purposes.
  3. Request information from the Registrar’s office about where your records and transcripts will be housed for future reference.
  4. Request a letter of recommendation from a HNU professor to be used for applications (including Graduate school).
  5. Consider the amount of transferable credits to your new institution prior to agreeing to transfer to the new institution. It is important that you maintain progress toward your degree, so ensuring your credits transfer and are accepted by your new institution is important.
  6. If you have participated in outside competition this year, you are not eligible to play elsewhere for the remainder of this 2022-2023 academic year.
  7. Transferring to a 4-year university might be easier than transferring to a 2-year junior college depending on your eligibility situation.