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50 Years of Music Education

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HNU Preparatory Music


Founded in 1968 by Sister Therese-Cecile Murphy, a Holy Names College music professor and early advocate of Suzuki music education. Preparatory Music was one of the first Suzuki centers on the West coast.

For over 50 years, Preparatory Music was a community school for young musicians, located on the beautiful campus of Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. Prep Music offered private instruction on ten instruments: violin, viola, cello, harp, guitar, piano, flute, oboe, recorder, drums, and voice. In addition, youth orchestras, group string and piano classes are offered, as well as numerous concerts and large musical events.

Private lessons from former Preparatory Music Instructors

About Private Lessons

Thank you for your interest in the Holy Names University Preparatory Music Department.  

Although the Preparatory Music Department is no longer active at Holy Names University, our instructors continue to teach and hold events together in community in the Oakland – Berkeley area.

If you are interested in private lessons for yourself or your child, adult musicianship and/or need an accompanist, please use the contact information below to communicate directly with the instructors.


Christine Fernandez, Accompanying, 

Jeanne Honore, Suzuki piano, 

Amy Martin, (Traditional piano, Accompanying)

Kent Tchii, Suzuki piano, 

Meiling Tchii, Suzuki piano, 

Saori Yamamoto, Suzuki piano, 

Gloria C Yim, Suzuki piano,

Robert Lee, (Adult Musicianship, Accompanying)



Josh Cohen, Traditional violin, 

Dorothy Lee, Suzuki Violin/Viola, 

Wendy Reid, Suzuki and Traditional violin, 

Robin Revelli, Suzuki violin, 

Shauna Revelli, Suzuki violin, 

Sara Usher, Traditional violin, 

Celia Vollov, Suzuki violin,


Dr. Poppea Dorsam, Traditional cello, 

Rebecca Rogot, Suzuki Cello, 

Elisa Saltet, Suzuki, and Traditional cello,


Otto Huber, Drums,, 


Cathy DeVos, Flute, 


Javier Trujillo, Suzuki, 


Jennifer Ellis, 


Theresa Cardinale,