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The HNU community is ready to welcome you, support you, learn from you, and grow with you.

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We’re here for you

Student Support

We want everyone to be healthy, happy, and successful. Here are some resources to help you during your time at our Bay Area campus.

Student Success

HNU supports students from enrollment to graduation by offering programs, services, and CARE to empower and educate current and prospective students.

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Advising & Learning Resources

Staff will help you map an academic path leading to successful and timely completion of your degree, and will assist you in reaching other goals.

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Campus Safety

Personal safety and the security of the entire campus community are of vital concern to HNU. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally safe campus environment.

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Facts & Figures

Let us run some numbers by you


NCAA Teams


Sunny Days a Year


Students of Color

Holy Names University students laughing in dorm room
Live and learn

Residence Life

When we live together, we learn from each other and develop tight bonds through our shared experiences. We enjoy an environment that balances personal and academic growth, and we create friendships that last a lifetime.

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Connect with students who have common interests

Get Involved

You can connect with HNU's campus community by joining a club, participating in a group activity or becoming a member of a sports team. Or simply by cheering players on. Go Hawks!

three Holy Names University students talking on campus in Oakland, CA

Clubs & Organizations

We encourage all students to engage with or lead a student club or organization on campus.

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Students talking

Student Government

Give yourself and your fellow students a powerful voice by running for student government and becoming a campus leader.

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Student Activities

We organize campus events and outings to museums, movies, Oakland A’s games, and lots more. Come with us.

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A unique location

From our spectacular setting in the hills, you can take in panoramic views of Oakland, San Francisco and the Bay. Explore our vibrant area and discover why we’re so happy to call it home to our Bay Area undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Grab a bite

Enjoy fresh and local food while socializing, exchanging ideas, and listening to music at the Public Market cafeteria--or grab a quick bite at Rosie's Cafe.

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Holy Names University students sitting together on campus

A variety of viewpoints

Students, faculty and staff come from all kinds of backgrounds, and offer a wide variety of perspectives. At HNU, everyone’s voice is heard and highly valued.

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