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Parking Permits

HNU provides parking free of charge for members of the campus community and their visitors.

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Parking at HNU

Parking Permits

All vehicles requiring access to the campus must display one of three types of authorized parking permits, all of which are provided by the Office of Campus Safety.

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Permanent Party Permits

Staff and faculty who have a permanent and daily association with the campus are eligible for Permanent Party Permits. This permit is good for the tenure of the professional relationship of the issued party on campus and is to be turned in to the Office of Campus Safety upon permanent departure.

Annual Permits

Alumni, students, parent groups, and contractual parties, e.g. athletics and HNU Prep Music, who use the campus on an annual basis qualify for Annual Permits. This permit is good for one year and must be renewed annually before August 31.

Temporary Permits

Groups using or visiting campus may receive Temporary Permits. This permit will be valid for the amount of time necessary for the party to conduct their approved activities on campus. It can be obtained from the Office of Campus Safety, or arranged for pick-up at the entry gate.

A permit is void if altered or is not displayed in a fully visible manner. A permit is valid only for the time period indicated by the categories described. By accepting a permit the recipient acknowledges that s/he has read and agrees to the permit’s stated conditions.

A non-permitted person will be placed on an entry log completed by a Campus Safety Staff Member at the gate at the time of entry. This log will contain the name of the individual, purpose on campus and the license plate of their vehicle. The person’s identification will be verified.

Citation Appeals

Citation Appeals are to be turned in to the Campus Safety Department within 14 days of receiving a parking citation. Citation Appeals turned in after 14 days from the date of citation will be denied. Citation Appeal judgments will be sent out by email to your HNU email address.

For more information or any questions or concerns regarding parking, permits or citation appeals call (510) 436-1287.

The Office of Campus Safety


Campus Safety staffs HNU’s front gate and patrols campus 24/7. Members of HNU’s campus community may work with Campus Safety to handle on- or off-campus incidents, vehicle accidents, lost and found, first aid, counseling, emergency preparation, city resources, emergency training, animal control, special events, parking, permits, tickets, and appeals.

HNU Emergency Line (non-life-threatening)

(510) 436-1287

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HNU Non-Emergency Line (contact the front gate)

(510) 436-1600

Health and Wellness

Campus Safety Supervisors

(510) 436-1287

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