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Health and Wellness

We take a holistic view of student wellness at HNU.

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Series sponsored by Campus Ministry

Monday Mindfulness Meditation

Each Monday for 20 minutes, all members of the HNU campus community are invited to refresh and reconnect to their spirits through this group mindfulness practice. This series is sponsored by Campus Ministry.

Campus Ministry
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cultivate self-awareness and presence

HNU’s Weekly Yoga Classes

Tap into your inner rhythm. Our mantra is to come as you are, and observe what unfolds in this thoughtful and playful class. The Vinyasa flow style encourages students to move, breathe, and find their unique place within each pose.

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part of our support system

The CARE team

The HNU CARE team collaborates with the campus community to provide compassionate, timely, and individualized responses to student concerns. The team responds with discretion, applying culturally sensitive intervention and support. Together we promote student success and foster a safe, respectful learning environment. To contact the CARE team and share a concern about a student, please follow the link below.

Holy Names University Care Form