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HNU’s Residence Halls At-A-Glance:

When you live in the residence halls you’re part of the campus: close to the library, computer labs, and classrooms. Best of all, your friends—old friends and the ones you haven’t made yet—are right around the corner. Most residence halls are mixed-class halls, which means first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors live in one shared community. The number of residents on each floor ranges from 30-60 students.

Housing Rates and Charges: Fall 2022– Spring 2023

Winter Break and Spring Break housing not included below:

Type Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Total Academic Year</strong
Double $3,685.50 $3,685.50 $7,371.00
Suite (continuing students only) $3,487.50 $3,487.50 $6,975.00
Gender Inclusive $3,754.50 $3,754.50 $7,509.00
Mini Single $4,015.50 $4,015.50 $8,031.00
Single $4,146.50 $4,146.50 $8,293.00
Double as Single $4,999.00 $4,999.00 $9,998.00
Single with Bath $5,360.00 $5,360.00 $10,720.00
GA Room $3,754.50 $3,754.50 $7,509.00
Five Holy Name University students talking in a dorm room
Theme Housing Options

The Office of Housing & Residence Life is pleased to offer theme housing within our residence hall communities. Students with a shared interest live in close proximity to one another to create a more inclusive and active floor community. Residents have the option to select a themed community to live in during the housing application & selection process.

Important Dates

Gender-specific Housing

We offer several communities within the residence halls that are gender-specific and have only one gender living on a particular floor. Male-only and Female-only floors are found in Dunn, Feehan, and Founders Halls All other floors are co-ed.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Students may choose to live in gender-inclusive housing. Gender-inclusive housing allows students to choose to share a community-style floor and bathroom regardless of students’ legal sex or gender. Gender-inclusive housing is not intended for romantic couples. Rather, it provides options for a variety of students: such as those who: 

  • may feel uncomfortable rooming with members of the same legal sex
  • may be in the process of discovering their gender identity
  • may feel they would be more compatible with a roommate of a different legal sex or gender
  • do not want legal sex or gender to be a primary factor in choosing a roommate

Gender-inclusive housing intends to help create a campus climate that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of all students. 

For the purposes of our policies, the Office of Housing and Residence Life defines “gender-inclusive” housing as that which allows for students to room together regardless of legal sex or gender identity. 

While students are not required to disclose their gender identity, students who apply for housing without requesting a gender-inclusive housing assignment will be placed in a space-based on their legal sex. When determining what a person’s “legal sex” is, the Office of Housing and Residence Life will default to what has been officially reported in the college’s student records. 

HNU Housing Grant

New students who will be enrolling in fall 2022 and living in on-campus housing are eligible for a $2,500/year Housing Grant from HNU. Simply apply for housing and this will be automatically applied to your financial aid package.

Additional Housing Charges

In accordance with the student housing agreement and the housing policies found here, students may be charged additional fees for various things throughout the academic year. Please refer to the table below for an explanation of possible charges:

Room Lock-Out Fee $25 First three lockouts are free
Lost Room Key $50
Lost Mail Room Key $50
Lost Access Card $50
Emergency Door Violation $50
Improper Common Area Furniture Removal $50
Entertainment Fee
(not returning movies)
$2/day $20 to replace
Contract Cancellation Fee $300 Minimum charge
Improper Check-Out $50
Excessive Cleaning
(after check-out)
Vandalism/Destruction of Property Varies Sometimes broken up by residents in community the vandalism affected
Missing Furniture at End of Year Varies
Missing Dishes Varies Cost of dish replacement divided by all meal plans