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Recognizing the achievements of HNU alumni and faculty

48th HNU Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Awards

Since 1974, the HNU Alumni Awards have recognized the achievements of HNU alumni and faculty members whose lives of service reflect and advance the SNJM Core Values. The recipients of this year’s Alumni Awards are:

Outstanding Faculty Award:
Anastasia Prentiss, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communications Studies

Young Alumni Award:
Hector Ramon Salazar ’04, MEd ’08
Executive Director, Reading Partners

Young Alumni Award:
Colleen Boston ’09, CRED ’12
First Grade Teacher, Redwood Heights Elementary School

Alumni Recognition Award:
Mary Simpson Furlong ’70
Founder and CEO, Mary Furlong & Associates

To celebrate these outstanding alumni, make sure you register for the 48th HNU Alumni Awards on Friday, October 1 @ 7:00 p.m. PDT.