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Announcing the Restructuring of HNU’s Academic Schools

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Under the leadership of HNU’s interim Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Kim Bowers, Holy Names University has moved from four to three academic schools this fall. Programs from the School of Arts and Sciences have been moved into the other three schools and the School of Nursing has become the School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing. Says Bowers, “The deans and I designed this restructure in order to promote more collaboration across disciplines, provide all undergraduate students with the chance to experience all of HNU’s academic schools through our general education program, and simplify administrative processes behind the scenes.”

Here are the programs now housed in new academic schools:

School of Business and Applied Social Sciences Additions

Majors: Communication Studies and Communication Studies with Digital Emphasis

General Education Programs: Math, First-Year Writing, Integrated Studies Across Cultures, and the First-Year Experience Program

School of Education Additions

Majors: Ethnic Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies

General Education Programs: Art, Music, Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religious Studies

School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing Additions

Majors: Biology, Community Health Sciences, Healthcare Administration, and Kinesiology

General Education Programs: Science, Physical Education, and Spanish language instruction

About the School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing

To support the newly expanded scope of what was the School of Nursing, faculty and staff came together to craft a new name, guiding philosophy, and mission and vision statements:


The mission of the School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing draws its inspiration from the Sisters of the Holy Names to prepare graduates who are caring professionals, have strong evidence-based critical reasoning skills, advocate for health and social justice, communicate effectively with communities of diverse cultures, and coordinate and design quality-safe, resource-efficient care to meet the challenges of today’s complex workforce and global health care environments.


The Vision Statement of the School of Science, Allied Health, and Nursing at HNU is to be the educational provider of choice by incorporating experiential learning and promoting social justice to transform healthcare and build scientific literacy for our communities.

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