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Fall 2021 at HNU

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Dear HNU students, faculty, and staff,

We are excited to announce plans to offer a mix of learning opportunities during the fall 2021 semester, including online, on-site (for nursing classes and clinicals), hybrid, and HyFlex class formats. Learn more about each class format below. We understand that students will want and need flexible learning experiences at this time and our class formats will offer that.

We want to thank everyone that completed our Fall Planning Survey; the results have been critical for our planning efforts. HNU has implemented many new campus health and safety protocols that will provide the groundwork for more in-person experiences this fall. As always, the safety of our community members is our top priority, and all decisions will continue to be based on state, county, and federal health department guidelines.

Class Formats

The Office of Academic Affairs has selected four class formats that students can expect this fall. Formats for most classes are now available in the Fall 2021 Course Schedule.

Online: Students attend class online only, either synchronously or asynchronously.

On-site: Students attend class in-person on campus. This option is open to students in the School of Nursing.

HyFlex: Faculty will deliver course instruction on-site and online simultaneously. Students have the option of attending each class session either in-person or online.

Hybrid: Students attend class online with some in-person class meetings.

Note that if public health conditions change and our county requires us to discontinue in-person classes, we will pivot to 100% online instruction.

Have a question about a class format? Contact your dean:

Arts and Sciences: Contact Dr. Kim Bowers at
Business and Applied Social Sciences: Contact Dr. Michael Graney-Mulholland at
Education: Contact Dr. Kimberly Mayfield at
Nursing: Contact Dr. Pam Stanley at

Class Scheduling

As we did last year, we will end any in-person instruction by our Thanksgiving break and conduct the rest of the fall 2021 semester online to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 after holiday travel.

Residence Life

The Office of Housing & Residence Life is planning to reopen the residence halls at double occupancy for the 2021-2022 Academic Year in adherence to Alameda County public health guidelines. We are reconfiguring our residence halls so that students who do not wish to live in a double room may have the option to select a single room based on availability and at an additional cost. Students will receive updates from the Office of Residence Life regarding housing applications, immunization records, and updated policies, as well as the room selection process for returning students. All students are expected to adhere to all Housing Policies including but not limited to the HRL Health & Safety Policies, HNU Community Standards, and the HNU Student Code of Conduct while living within the residence halls. For Housing-related questions, please email or visit


Athletics is planning a full PacWest schedule for fall, winter, and spring sports for the 2021-2022 academic year. Schedules are expected to be released this May.

Campus Community and Support

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to require that we be flexible, creative, and highly intentional about how we learn together and connect as a community. This includes planning access and opportunities for connection through academic communities, the First-Year Experience, student activities, student services, the library, and other important centers on campus. We know that our students will benefit from flexibility in our course delivery and in accessing campus resources.

As we look back at this past year, we are deeply grateful to our entire community for staying connected and engaged throughout this pandemic. Thanks to the work you have done and continue to do to stay safe, we are optimistic about the opportunities we will be able to provide this coming fall.


Sheila Smith McKoy, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Mike Groener, President