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Dedication to Justice

Holy Names University Anti-Racism Action Plan

Holy Names University anti-racism pledge

HNU is proud to be a community guided by the SNJM core value of Dedication to Justice. Prompted by this value, and further motivated by the tragic killings of Black Americans in 2020, we are continually working to co-create an actively anti-racist institution, and to make a meaningful impact in our broader community.

Our anti-racism action plan was conceived by the President’s Cabinet, and developed in collaboration with campus partners, as a set of action steps to demonstrate our personal and collective commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution.

This is a living plan, and as such will continue to evolve; some items have been completed, while others are ongoing. We are open to new initiatives as well. We are pleased to share HNU’s anti-racism action plan with you.

Anti-Racism Action Plan

If you’ve not already done so, we invite you to join us in signing HNU’s Anti-Racist pledge