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What Is a Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies?

Deciding on a college degree program is a very exciting step in a student’s life. The options are seemingly endless. Yet sometimes, it’s challenging to find a degree program that is just the right fit for students’ needs.

An Interdisciplinary Studies major allows students to select two concentrations, gaining mastery of both fields. Through the program, they’ll learn important professional skills like problem-solving and written communication, while acquiring knowledge and expertise in areas specific to their career goals and interests.

Are you interested in pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies major in Oakland, California, but still need more information? Keep reading to learn more about what Interdisciplinary Studies is, possible career paths, and how to know if it’s the right degree program for you.

Understanding the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies gives students the freedom to create their own collegiate experience based on their individual passions and interests. This flexible approach is a good fit for students with diverse interests that may not fit into a traditional major.

Our advisors at Holy Names University can help students form coherent connections between the concentration programs they choose. Or, we can help students select their concentrations if they know an Interdisciplinary Studies major is what they want, but they’re unsure where to start.

Like all of our academic programs, Interdisciplinary Studies at Holy Names University help students reach their full potential by promoting social justice, community involvement, personal responsibility, and cultural competence.

How Does Interdisciplinary Studies Work?

At Holy Names University, Interdisciplinary Studies students can customize their major to fit their unique career and life goals. To get started in the program, students choose two of the following concentrations:

  • Computer Science: The Computer Science concentration pairs well with Digital Arts or Writing for Professionals and prepares students for a career in fields such as app development or technical writing.
  • Digital Arts: Digital Arts is an excellent option for students interested in developing their computer graphics or web design skills.
  • Diversity Studies: Diversity Studies helps students develop a broad understanding of the components of diversity in society, including race and ethnicity, gender, social class, religion, culture, and language. This concentration pairs well with any of the other concentrations.
  • Latin American Latinx Studies: The Latin American Latinx Studies concentration is ideal for students interested in Latin American culture, art, and history.
  • Literature: A concentration in Literature allows students to understand multiple perspectives and develop skills in empathy and problem-solving.
  • Philosophy: Students gain the ability to think critically and ask questions with a concentration in Philosophy.
  • Religious Studies: Students with a concentration in Religious Studies have the opportunity to examine their own spiritual beliefs and delve into other belief systems, scriptures, and ethics.
  • Writing for Professionals: Written communication is an extremely valuable skill in the professional world, and students with a Writing for Professionals concentration gain those skills as well as skills in leadership, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

With any two of these concentrations, students can gain communication, writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills while exploring different perspectives of human behavior. Each concentration requires 15 units. Sample courses corresponding with each concentration above include:

  • Computer Science: Computer Coding in Python
  • Digital Arts: Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • Diversity Studies: Sociolinguistics
  • Latin American Latinx Studies: Latinx Communities and Experiences
  • Literature: African American Literature
  • Philosophy: Ethics and Friendship
  • Religious Studies: U.S. Religious Communities and Experiences
  • Writing for Professionals: Feature Writing and Blogging

Interdisciplinary Studies graduates from Holy Names University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

How Is Interdisciplinary Studies Different Than Double Majoring?

With a double major, students get two degrees in two distinct subjects. As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, a student chooses two major concentrations under one degree, which creates one interconnected, customized, and cohesive program. The result is a personalized degree suited specifically to a student’s interests and passions.

What Can I Do With an Interdisciplinary Studies Major?

Because students can choose any two concentrations they want, an Interdisciplinary Studies degree is extremely versatile. The exciting part of it is students can get what they want out of it. Whether a student is looking to go to grad school after graduating from college or head straight into the workforce, they can feel prepared with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

A Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies can be an entryway into graduate studies in law, teaching, and public service. Suppose a student knows they want to pursue a specific graduate school program after attaining an undergraduate degree. In that case, they can begin delving into the field early with an Interdisciplinary Studies major.

Additionally, a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can also lead to several jobs directly after undergrad.

Interdisciplinary Studies Jobs

An Interdisciplinary Studies degree holds many possibilities for students after their graduation day. With their newfound skills, they are ready for many possible careers. Students interested in the following careers might find pursuing Interdisciplinary Studies valuable:

  • Teacher or professor
  • Journalist
  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Human resources specialist
  • Application developer
  • Technical writer
  • Historian
  • Entrepreneur
  • Public relations specialist

The average salary for Interdisciplinary Studies graduates in California is $56,573. Pay rates vary due to location and the versatility of an Interdisciplinary Studies major after graduation.

Why Choose Interdisciplinary Studies?

Incoming students may consider an Interdisciplinary Studies degree if they want to forge their own path in college or have a specific interest that they couldn’t meet with a traditional degree. With an Interdisciplinary Studies major, students can personalize their college coursework to fit their specialized interests. Their classes will likely align with their interests better than if they pursued a traditional degree.

Additionally, an Interdisciplinary Studies degree is very versatile and might put students one step ahead once they enter the professional world after graduation. In today’s economy, many professions require skills sometimes not as easily achieved with a single college major. With an Interdisciplinary Studies program, students gain skills employers want. Their unique coursework could also make them stand out in the hiring process!

Get in Touch With Holy Names University for More Information on Interdisciplinary Studies

Intentionality is critical with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree. At Holy Names University, we encourage students to follow their passions and are committed to helping them meet and exceed their goals. Our class sizes allow for individualized student attention and for students to get to know their professors as well.

Your college program can be just as unique as you are. For more information on our Interdisciplinary Studies programs, contact an enrollment counselor and request more information today!