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HNU Move-In: Updates and Info

Move-in updates and tips for managing the potential impact of CA wildfire fires on our community

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Move-in days postponed

August 22, 2020

Dear HNU Residents

Out of an abundance of caution, and due to the current Red Flag Warning issued by the National Weather Service, all move-in time slots from Sunday, August 23rd to Monday, August 24th will be postponed to Tuesday, August 25th. Conditions around our campus include a risk of dry lightning and new fire starts, so we are proactively postponing all plans for move-in. We understand this new update might alter your availability to move-in, however, we need to take these precautions to keep our incoming and current community safe.

You will be reassigned to your previous move-in timeslot for Tuesday, August 25th instead. If you have any questions, concerns, or conflicts, or if you need to reschedule your move-in time completely, please contact Mattea Carveiro ( In the interim, we recommend using resources like the National Weather Service Website and other reliable outlets to stay informed of what is happening with the fires and potential storms around the area and across the state.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility!

Mattea Carveiro
Operations Coordinator | Student Development & Engagement

August 20, 2020

Greetings Residents!

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that 2020 has thrown us a number of new challenges, but I promise that our team is doing all that we can to keep up! As you may already know, currently California is experiencing a number of fires as a result of record high temperatures and winds across the state. If you’re already on campus, you may have noticed the smell of smoke and the presence of ash in the air. We want to encourage everyone to take care of themselves as necessary, in order to remain safe and well in consideration of everything that is going on.

With that, we want to provide some information as well as tips for managing the potential impact of these fires on our community.

The air quality in Oakland is currently listed as “poor” and is projected to decline as our brave firefighters work to contain fires in several Bay Area Counties (including Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo).
If you have concerns, we encourage you to take precautions like staying indoors with windows and doors closed, as necessary.

Due to the current heatwave and fires, PG&E has informed us that we may be subject to loss of power on campus as a result of the rotating outages they’re implementing to conserve energy and prevent potential power surges.
If we lose power to campus please note that we do not have backup generators powerful enough to power the residence halls.

If our campus is without power for an extended period of time, we may be forced to evacuate campus for everyone’s safety. We will keep you and everyone informed as we receive updates and instructions from PG&E and public safety agencies.

HNU is making move-in date accommodations due to CA wildfires
We are still prepared to welcome residents to campus during their scheduled move-in times, but we recognize that some people may have concerns or difficulties arriving during that time in light of the circumstances outlined above. We encourage you to make decisions about your move-in that are best for your unique situation in consideration of the information above. If you are preparing for move-in or if you are already on campus, we recommend:

  • Keeping all of your devices charged and available for your personal use, and/or bringing a backup battery that supports your devices
  • Continued use of masks is important because of COVID regulations, but may also help with breathing under current air quality conditions
  • Bringing or acquiring a flashlight or other battery-powered lighting device in the event that a power outage extends past sunset
  • You may want to hold off on bringing large quantities of perishable foods as they will only keep in your refrigerator for a short period of time during a power outage


If you are not already moved into your campus housing, please review specific information about your move-in instructions in the HNU Fall Move-In Guide 2020. If you need to delay your move-in date and time, please let us know by canceling your current move-in time slot and contacting the Operations Coordinator, Mattea Carveiro to reschedule.

Thank you all for your patience and collaboration as we navigate an ever-changing landscape right now. We remain committed to being both responsive and responsible with our plans, and appreciate your cooperation! Stay safe and well!


Nicole Whitner, Ed.D
Dean of Students | Student Affairs
e: | p: 510.436.1294
pronouns: she/her/hers